BSNL Employees having very tough time

March 14, 2019 admin 0

BSNL is one of the largest national internet service provider and telecom service provider in India. Just imagine if you stop receiving salary for the work you have been doing. For the past few months the crisis have been going on with BSNL where they are unable to pay the […]

Origami Session 2 with office colleagues

March 13, 2019 admin 0

Following the success of the previous Origami session that we had, many people showed interest to have one more session. This time new members were interested in learning this art. In my previous article, I explained how it originated in my office. This session was kind of a full practice […]

Managing loss from Share market

March 12, 2019 admin 0

I’m seeing lots of people so excited about the share market and thinking that it is easy money. Well, in a way it is true if you know the tactics but from my personal experience, everywhere your skills will only help you earn money. Luck will definitely favour a bit […]

Cowlick to induce hair growth on a bald head

March 11, 2019 admin 0

The title sounds funny right. That’s what even I felt when hearing it for the first time. Last week when I was travelling with my family this topic came for discussion. The reason was because, I shaved my head last week in one of the temples that we visited. After […]

You Can Win – A book that changed my life

March 10, 2019 admin 0

This is an interesting memory to write about. Thanks to @bananafish for the contest. It was during my college days, I was fascinated about anything that motivates me. Especially quotes are something that attracts me so much. I used to make a note of quotes from the SMS that I […]

My travel week has just ended

March 9, 2019 admin 0

Before starting this article, I would like to say that this article is going to be a ulog with bits and pieces of information from my travel. I did not take any photos during the travel so I may not be able to share any photos with you. Like I […]

Drug Wars – UI looks even better now

March 7, 2019 admin 0

After the new version of Drug Wars, I noticed that the UI was full black with a simple black design. Many people even complained about the changes that were made to the options in the game and the way the stats were displayed in the game. I was happy that […]

Moving towards organic farming

March 6, 2019 admin 0

Nowadays I hear a lot about people moving towards organic farming. In a way I can call myself an organic farmer because I own a 1/4 acre land in Thirunelveli with around 42 mango trees in it. I bought the land for 4 lakhs three years back and leased it […]

Take worst for yourself and give best to others

March 5, 2019 admin 0

The art of giving is something that gives utmost satisfaction in our life. Not everyone will have the heart to give something to others. Giving need not necessarily be something in a physical form. You can also give your love or motivation or positive vibrations to others. But when you […]

The world is very big

March 4, 2019 admin 0

Today is the day for some real motivation. I wanted to relax my mind with something that gives me deep thoughts about the truth of life. This thought usually comes to me when I travel on a flight. After the flight takes off and when the surface starts to shrink […]