A busy bee will never find time for sorrows

I’m not sure if you have heard this proverb. This is such an interesting proverb. I wanted to understand if this proverb is really true or not. So, I thought of writing an article with my experiences on this topic and the way I have found this proverb very useful for me. First of all why do we have a reference to bees in this proverb? Let’s get started with that first. Bees are the most mysterious and amazing creatures.

About bees

Bees are one of the most hard working living being in this world. They don’t really care about themselves but they spend their lifetime fully collecting bees and nurturing it. The amount of honey they are going to consume from what they collected is going to be very less but they are still designed to stay busy collecting so much of nectar from the flowers and convert them to honey. We as humans should definitely learn about hardworking from bees only. Summer is the peak time when they stay really very busy collecting more nectar from the flowers. Their focus will completely be on doing the work without expecting anything in return.

The comparison here in the proverb is given in such a way that when bees are very busy doing their work, they will not really have any time to be sorrow. It is also something like an instruction to say that if we continue doing what we are supposed to do, we will get a pleasant outcome automatically. For those who expect so many things, there is always disappointments that will gradually lead to sorrow. Only if we are free from expectation, we will not have disappointments. We will learn to lead a life with satisfaction on what we already have.

Humans without sorrow

Living a life with complete satisfaction is not something that is very easy for humans. It is a natural design that we always expect something or the other in our lives and end up living life with disappointments. With continuous disappointments, our life will be fully filled with sorrow. It is quite hard to find any humans without sorrow. Even people who have all the resources in their life will not lead a fulfilled life. They will be having some sorrow in the mind that will be hindering them through their life. These are permanent sorrow. Let’s talk about temporary sorrow.

There is a high possibility that people might end up becoming sorrow based on the day to day activities that happen in our life. It can be quite challenging to completely overcome such situations. Our memory is also very powerful as it will again and again take us towards the remembrance of the same things.

Staying occupied

As the proverb says, staying occupied or busy all the time can be really helpful in evading the sorrow that comes to us in our life. We may not be able to overcome permanent sorrow as the traces will some way or the other hit us. Temporary sorrow or stress can easily be easily eradicated by staying busy all the time. That is why the reference is given to bees. When bees are more involved in their work, they don’t really care about any sorrow they might have. Their focus will fully be on the work they do and the thoughts will not go towards anything that disturbs their mind.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

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