Accepting what we are

Every individual is different in many ways. The differences are evident in many perspectives. Some people are good in a particular skill but some struggle to even do a simple task. Some might be very strong in sports and others cant even think about basic fitness. Though the perspectives and characters differ from one person to another, life becomes interesting after we start accepting what we really are. People are filled with both good thoughts as well as bad thoughts. The character of a person is exhibited based on which side they focus more on. If they focus more on showcasing the good side to others, their character becomes good. If you keep doing lots of bad things and show hatred towards everyone, you might be branded as a bad person.

Understanding who we are

Before we even start to accept what we are, it is important to first understand who we are. This comes as a part of self realization. Understanding about ourselves becomes a great challenge. In most of the cases people are worried more about how others think about us. They don’t really care about what they think about themselves. They only worry about what they think, others think about them. Life could be more simple if they understand this clear and start to think what they think about themselves. This will really help in travelling inside ourselves to truly explore what we really want in this life.

Things that I want in my life may not be the same as what you want in your life. It differs from person to person. Similar to how your food interest differs to that of mine. I might be highly fond of eating north Indian food but you might be someone who eats continental food. In order to truly understand what we really like and who we really are, we have to spend some considerable amount of time with ourselves. That will help us do more exploration on who we really are and what we really want. Self realization can take lots of time. For some people it can even take few years. Some people fail to understand what they really want, even till death.

Accepting what we are

We may have lots of flaws in our character. Nobody is perfect in this world. It is just that people can be perfect specific to a particular task. Other than that as a whole, there is no one in this world who can be perfect. From the religious scriptures and other stories in religion, we can see that even Gods have made mistakes and have been trying hard to lead a perfect life. Like everyone else we have our own hurdles in leading a perfect life. All we can do is work towards leading a perfect life. But, we cannot be sure to what extent it can be successful. Acceptance is a great step towards success. People can easily talk about acceptance but when it comes to action, it is not something very easy to do. Acceptance will need lots of patience.

With all the flaws and imperfections we have, we should first be ready to accept what we are. Only if we are ready to accept what we are, we will then be able to make things better. Accepting what we are takes a lot of efforts. We have a natural resistance that keeps telling us that we are always perfect. If we continue to have that thought rolling in our mind, we will never be able to reach the state of perfection at all. Only if we are open to suggestions, we will be able to understand the flaws that we have and work towards making it better. There is no harm in being bad. But harm happens only when we are happy in being bad and not willing to correct ourselves. Life provides us lots of wonderful opportunities where we will be able to easily identify our own mistake, accept them and take steps to rectify them. We have to be generous enough in using those opportunities.

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