Adapting to Change

We would have heard about this from our childhood. It is not easy for everyone to adapt to change. Last week I had a conversation with one of my colleague that made me write this post. Adapting to change is very important for every human being. Things that are today may not be there tomorrow and the way things are being done today might get changed tomorrow. If we are not comfortable to change ourselves, then it can be quite challenging to live in this world.

Change is good or bad?

When we talk about change, people might have this as a question in their head. Change is something that cannot be avoided. It can happen in the family or with the friends or with anything in this world. We have to gradually adapt to change. I’m not going to justify whether a change is good or bad. I know for the fact that change is inevitable and irrespective of however the life is, change will definitely happen. We have to make sure that the change that is happening in front of us should not disturb us more.

We can do a comparison of sailing on a river with that of sailing on a sea. If we are sailing on a river, the ripple that the water might have will be very less compared to that of sailing on a sea. I’m comparing this with the change in our life. Even if a change happens in our life, our life should still be able to continue like a ripple in river and not like waves in ocean. For a ripple in water, we will still be able to continue sailing, but for a wave in ocean there is also a possibility that our sailing might fail and we might fall down.

The conclusion, I would like to say here is that, a change is good or bad only based on our preparation. If we are well prepared and always ready for a change in our life, then it is not a big deal for us. If we are not prepared for change in our life, it can be quite challenging and our life may not run smooth.

Be ready to accept change

For any individual, it is quite uncomfortable to face a change initially. But if we are used to it or if we gradually learn about the change, we will start to feel comfort zone there as well. When a change hits you, give it a try. After all any task is quite difficult for us when we do it for the first time. When we gradually learn more about the job, it even becomes a piece of cake for us. Showing willingness to explore new things is really a good sign to accept change. If we are not ready for new challenges, our life can be boring.

Getting out of our comfort zone

People who are working on a particular job for several years might have a feeling that they are in a comfort zone. They find it very difficult to come out of the comfort zone. It can be because they are afraid or maybe because they are lazy to explore new opportunities. I have even seen some extreme cases where people bad mouth other opportunities as well. They always think only about their own comfort zone and in order to sophisticate their stands, they blame anything that comes new. The even influence others with the same mentality.

I completely understand that traditional methods are always good because it is a proven methodology and some might exist for several years. But when we introduce a change in the methodology it can even have few flaws. But compared to the ease it brings to the operating procedures, the flaws might look very minimal. At such instances, we have to be ready to accept the change and move on.

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