Adventure games promote imagination and creativity


Games are something that is really fascinating and exciting for the kids. From a very young age, all the kids would love to play games and it can even be the case where they don’t really wish to spend time studying but they really want to spend time in playing the game. I’m able to relate to this because I was also one such child during my childhood. I have spent my childhood roaming in the streets playing outdoor games and especially during the summer season, I will roam in the streets until I become black because of Sun’s heat. That was really enjoyable.

If we compare these enjoyments with the kids of today’s world, it is not really good. Most of the kids are today stay inside the house and don’t get a chance to roam and explore childhood. Especially the parents also give them all the sophistication in the form of computer games, or a gaming console or just mobile games. The kids are also fully satisfied with those games and don’t even know how it feels when we go out and spend some time playing outdoor games. We even used to have some good fancy outdoor games which can be hardly seen in today’s world. Maybe some of these are still available in remote areas and villages but especially in Cities, the kids stay inside the house and spend their time playing indoor games and that too digital games.


As the world itself is moving in that direction, this is where we have to think wisely. If we have no other option to entertain the kid other than digital games, the next question that parents should have in their mind is that, are these digital games increasing the talents of the kids at least in the form of creativity or imagination? When I was a child and when I was exposed to games, I remember thinking about the games even during my sleep. It was very interesting and I used to talk about games to lots of my friends.

In some of the games, there will be lots of strategies that will be required to clear some level. In order to clear and win those games, a lot of creativity will be required. If the kids are exposed to such games then there is a high possibility that kids can easily grow up with proper creativity and imagination. As Einstien said is right “Imagination is very important for the kids”.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Albert Einstien


Parents should always observe what the kids are up to and even if they are interested only in playing games, there is nothing wrong but they have to make sure that the kids are playing the right games. There are so many games that are very good at increasing the problem-solving abilities of the kids. The children can be exposed to such games based on their capacity and age. I have seen some kids playing such strategy games in their very young age and end up grow sharper than the kids of similar age. Anything that makes the kids think well and imagine should not be restricted from the kids and that can help them become a creative person.

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