AI and Yoga becoming new subjects in Indian Schools

Yesterday I wrote an article about how vocational courses are getting its place in Indian schools. Today I read an interesting article about the introduction of new subjects like AI and Yoga in Indian Schools. There is a high possibility that not all the students will be able to go through in all the subjects. But there will be few subjects that will really interest children. That is where they are nowadays given an option to choose vocational subjects. All the more interest part now is that CBSE Schools in India is now getting Artificial Intelligence and Yoga as one of their subjects.

These new subjects are introduced as skill subjects for the students of Class 10th. If any student fails in one of the elective subjects then they will get an option to choose the skill subjects and it will be counted as the 6th subject. The overall marks scored in these subjects will then be computed based on their best performance in the top 5 subjects.

In one of the recent announcements from CBSE, they have mentioned that AI and Yoga will be given top priority during the childhood and it will be thought to them as one of the subjects in the school curriculum. We all know how Yoga and AI are getting their popularity all over the world. Yoga is something that recently became very popular all over the world after people started celebrating International Yoga day. Similarly, another trend that is following is the innovations happening in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Yoga as a subject

In some of the cultural schools, Yoga is already part of the curriculum but not as a subject but as a practice. I studied in a school that thought me Yoga from a very young age. That inspired me and made me learn a lot more about it. I then completed an MSc in Yoga after completing my engineering. But I would like to say that all the seeds were sown during my childhood. I’m really happy to see this now as a subject in CBSE schools because more than practice sessions, I feel that there are also lots of theoretical knowledge that every individual should gain in a very young age about Yoga.

With our busy lives, we already forget about spending some time to focus on our body and health. If it becomes a practice from a young age, we will at least try to do it regularly without any difficulty. Anything that is practised well from childhood will not be a burden for us. With the introduction of skill subjects like this, the students also get an opportunity to get through the exams even if they are not very good in their elective subjects.

Need for Artifical Intelligence

In the current world, knowledge about computers and technology is definitely a must. Even people who had no such thing when they grew up are showing more interest in technology and trying to learn them. They are none other than our parents. I can see my mother showing interest in learning to use her mobile phone. So in recent years, it has become a dire need for everyone to be up to date with technological growth.

Nowadays even kids are showing interest towards gadgets and Artificial intelligence. Recently I happened to meet a kid who was very interested to work on IoT projects. He actually approached me to ask me about APIs. He wanted to make use of hardware APIs to build an application that will show data from that. After seeing his level of interest, I was surprised that today’s generation kids are trying to surpass their school education directly towards current trends and high level of knowledge.

Seeing all these, I really feel that introducing AI at the school level can be really fruitful for them. If I had to think this in a funny way, if a child is sitting and dreaming inside a class, the dream can even be about his new invention on Artificial Intelligence. Lets see how this goes.

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