All About Dog Water Treadmill

Modern society has made available a wide variety of resources for the betterment of man’s best buddy. The dog water treadmill is one such item. Keeping their pets in shape, increasing endurance, or speeding up recovery after surgery are just a few reasons pet owners consider water therapy. It’s no surprise then that hydrotherapy has grown more popular at veterinary hospitals and animal rehabilitation facilities across the UK.

Dog Needs Regular Exercise to Keep Its Muscles Strong

Your dog needs regular exercise to keep its muscles strong and, if it’s overweight, to shed excess pounds. Here’s where hydrotherapy for dogs comes in handy. The buoyancy and resistance of water create an environment similar to walking on land without placing any stress on your dog’s joints. Because of this, the warm water has a calming effect that promotes movement through a regimen of regulated treadmill movements, which in turn helps reduce discomfort.

When should you consider Hydrotherapy?

Canine hydrotherapy is helpful for dogs with musculoskeletal issues such as arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament ruptures, and fractures. Since there is no gravity to resist, the person’s muscles and joints can relax, allowing for more mobility and flexibility. By boosting sensory input, people with neurological diseases like “wobbler syndrome” and “Canine Degenerative Myelopathy” regain the mobility and balance they had previously lost.

Our underwater treadmill’s soothing effects have benefited many senior dogs and even some sporty canines. A dog’s life is improved by using an underwater treadmill. In addition to the apparent advantage of less impact on the dog’s joints, using an underwater treadmill has many additional benefits.

Is it Just Suitable for the Colder Months?

Because of their thick coats, dogs may have trouble maintaining an appropriate internal temperature during exercise when the temperature outside is low. Using an underwater treadmill can be a huge help if your dog has difficulty getting up due to aching joints.

Canine hydrotherapy has been shown in studies to be more successful at growing muscle strength than typical workouts, making it ideal for dogs of any age who need to keep up their level of physical fitness throughout the year.

Canine hydrotherapy is helpful because it helps dogs become more social and confident, especially in water. If your dog tends to be shy or nervous, the underwater treadmill’s soothing speed and the relaxing effects of water could make the experience one they enjoy.

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Animals can get overweight just like people can, and hydrotherapy is a great way to help them shed those extra pounds safely and effectively. Because of the resistance of the water, you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than walking. Your dog’s weight loss journey will benefit as it challenges and builds muscle, improving cardiovascular fitness.


There is a door at the other end so the dog can walk into and out of the chamber. At Physio-Vet, we will take the time to get your dog used to the treadmill before starting any exercise routine with them. Positive reinforcement in the form of food and toys will have them wagging their tail in no time.