Analysing my own body after my ill health

For the past one week I have been a bit low in my health. Last Sunday (not yesterday) I had some health issues and I knew it would take more than a week to get resolved. As I suspected my condition would go worse and make me take bed rest and that is what happened. My nose and lungs were full of the nasty and sticky thing. It all started off with a normal sinus. When I did a retrospective analysis I found that I have been a bit careless about my health. There have been symptoms from my body for the past 3 weeks asking me to take proper rest. But in spite of the signals that I received from my body, I have been pushing it really hard to continue working without rest and that is when it decided to break down and force me to take rest.

From what I have analysed so far, I cannot stay away late night and my body hates it. But apparently, I have troubled my body by doing that for the past 2 weeks ignoring the last week. And, that’s what forcefully made me take rest for the past week. I would like to proudly say that I have recovered from my ill health without taking any allopathic medicine. Usually, for any of the body related problems, it is always advised to visit a doctor and take some antibiotics. But I really hate antibiotics even though viruses also hate them. I try maximum to avoid going to doctor for my health problems though I will not recommend this for anyone else.

I take this as an opportunity to monitor my body and understand what works for my body and what my body hates. I have clearly identified that my body hates sleeplessness and especially it hates if I force it to be active during the night time. Maybe I should experiment how it reacts if I wake up early in the morning even before sun rise. I remember doing this during my school and college days and have seen good results. But after the start of my work life, it has been a very difficult task to wake up early in the morning and plan my activities. I guess I have to soon start doing it as well. Waking up early in the morning increases the healing power of the body.

Food habits

When I was ill last week, all I consumed was a very simple meal and that too easily digestible food. I’m not a great foodie and maybe that is why I found it very interesting and pleasant. I even ask my mother to cook something like that every single day so that I can have a very satisfying meal every single day. But my mother used to say that I will not get enough nutrients for my body if I keep eating simple foods. I always disagree with that factor and many of my friends will also disagree saying that our food should always be healthy. But my argument here is that it should be satisfying for us, it should be tasty and it should be consumed only when it is required.

I think food played a vital role in healing my body. Though for the past one week I did not eat any complicated food, on certain days when my tongue needs a different taste of food, I used to ask my mom to cook something different so that I can feed my tongue and satisfy it. Of course, I would give food to my body only when there is a need for it and when it really asks me. Otherwise, my regular food habit is to eat only two times a day. The afternoon will be my heavy meal which I eat around 1:00 pm and my next meal will be at around 5:30 pm and after my evening meal, I keep my stomach empty. Rarely I go home at night and eat some fruits. Morning I break my fast at around 10 am with a cup of milk mixed with health mix.

I have so much to share but for now I will stop with this and be back again with another interesting article.

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