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There are some great announcements happening from the Microsoft company. Recently after the acquisition of GitHub, people were afraid to continue having their code on the GitHub repository. Many people moved away from GitHub to other service providers and alternatives. The reason was because people were expecting some unexpected changes from Microsoft. But surprisingly, there was a recent announcement saying that private repositories have now been made available for non premium members as well. I even wrote an article on that topic.

Few days back I saw few other announcements from the company. One of the news said that they are going to stop their support on Windows 7 after 2020. I feel that it is completely fair because previously before Windows 8, we did not have any other stable version of windows other than Windows 7. Windows 7 is still one of the stable and highly used operating system after Windows XP. There are still so many people who are dependent on Windows 7.

After that Windows 8 was kind of a failure because it had lots of issues and that’s when the company released an updated OS called 8.1 and it was quite stable compared to other operating systems from the company that were released in parallel. To make it more interesting, the company then released a free upgrade to Windows 10 for all the windows 8 users. It was really a great move by the company. Till today windows 10 is one of the most stable operating system being used by so many people. And I would say that it is quite fair to stop their support on Windows 7 because we have a stable operating system.


This is something that I hated the most from Microsoft. I never found it useful at all and even if I try removing it from the services, it keeps running in the background. I will still call windows 10 a buggy operating system with Cortana in it. But the interesting fact is that the company have now realized that it is no way near Google Assistant or Alexa.

If that is the case, it will be great if they remove Cortana completely from Windows 10 as part of next release or at least let the users make a decision to remove it if not required. I feel that even after disabling it after seeing so many articles online, I’m still having difficulty in the User experience because my laptop is still very slow and I’m able to see Cortana in the task manager.

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