Annoying experiences with Laptop performance

For the past few months, I have been experiencing lots of problems with my laptop. I bought this laptop last year and I was quite satisfied with the laptop during the initial days. Especially when I was very comfortable playing games with the laptop, I was very happy with the performance of the laptop and the graphics that it had. Later this year I’m having lots of issues with the laptop. The issues can be because the laptop is getting old but at the same time, it makes me feel that I might have not purchased a good configuration laptop in the first place. I have learned a few things after this experience and I’m planning to rectify those mistakes when I plan for my next laptop.

Heat issues

Whenever I plug in my laptop to charge it, I experience so much heat. Of course, I have not used the cooling pad for my laptop yet and I’m not sure if I should be going for one or not. But I’m able to see high heat issues when I use my graphics card heavily. I’m able to understand that there will be more heat and the laptop tries to cool it down when there is the usage of high graphics. But I’m confused as to why there are issues when I charge my laptop battery. Every time I connect the charger, there are extreme heat issues. I have to either go for a cooling pad or just think about purchasing a new laptop with a better configuration.


Disk usage is 100 %

Though I spent lots of money to buy this laptop from the US, I definitely missed on the part that for my usage, I should have gone for an SSD hard disk instead of normal Hard disk. I’m currently using my office laptop which is SSD and I never had any issues with my office laptop. Of course, the configuration is very high but something that I admire here is the difference between SSD and normal hard disk. Currently, my disk usage is always at 100 %. I have tried almost every suggestion that I can see on the Internet, I’m still unable to crack as to why my disk usage is always at 100 %. Because of this issue, I don’t feel like using the laptop at all as it is dead slow.

Anti Virus

I’m not a big fan of having any antivirus on my machine. I usually depend on the windows defender itself but a few months back I was not sure if there were virus issues on my laptop, so I had to install my favorite Avast antivirus. Even after installing it I’m not very happy now because the performance is getting poor as the antivirus also takes lots of resources from the hardware, in turn, giving me unpleasant experience in the usage.


Maybe if I start using other operating systems like ubuntu I will not be having any virus issues. That is one big reason why I really want to move towards a windows alternative as well.

Windows operating system

I don’t know if I should try out other operating systems now. I’m able to see that there are so many unwanted applications getting installed from the app store. I also see some annoying updates from windows and I still remember that one of the windows updates recently screwed up my audio device. I’m not very happy with the operating system as well. I currently use windows 10 which came along with the package. I also have an idea about installing Ubuntu in parallel and use it. Nowadays support for most of the applications I have is available for Linux platform as well. I’m going to try it out to see if performance is any better if I use Ubuntu.


My next laptop

I’m already thinking about purchasing a new laptop. I don’t think I will be able to manage with this laptop for more than a year. I guess the graphics card is still good but with the heat issues, it can even be a challenge to use the potential of the graphics card to play games. I thought of first using this as a gaming laptop alone but even then the performance is annoying. Soon, I might think about buying a new laptop but this time I have to be sure that I purchase a laptop with SSD and a good RAM and processor speed. I think I might have to think about purchasing a desktop instead with good configuration instead of going for a powerful laptop.

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