Are video games anti-social elements?

The straight answer to this question is Yes and it is dependent on how much focus is given to the video games. Humans are social beings. We live with the support of other living beings around us, especially other humans. When it comes to living, we cannot live alone. We will definitely need support from other people to live a happy life. It can either be physical support or moral support. That is the basic design of human beings. Even in our childhood, our parents take care of us until a certain age. Only then we get to know more about the world.

I can imagine how my childhood was. I was able to spend time playing in the streets with friends. The main reason was that there was no internet and no computer games or video games at that point in time. I really wanted to write this article after seeing how my cousin’s kids are growing. They are still very young but they have already started playing games on their mother’s mobile phone. Kids are either exposed to some random videos on Youtube or given space to play some games from the Play Store. That is how the kids are handled nowadays.


Parents want to have to relaxation and hence they give their mobile phones to their kids and let them not disturb them at all. And unfortunately, that is what happens. I have seen that my cousin’s son, will sit like a statue in one place if he is given a mobile phone in the hand to either play or watches some video. We can talk about so many harmful effects that mobile phones can give us but my main concern here is the anti-social nature that video games and mobile phones can give.

Kids don’t interact with the family and friends

Kids who are exposed so much to mobile phones and video games don’t know much about relationships. They are satisfied with just one aspect with is gaming. They don’t really care about the family and don’t even interact with the family. Not just during childhood but the same happens even after they grow up. The seed for this is sown when they are young. And in most of the families that seed is sown by the parents themselves. It is absolutely the duty of the parents to teach their kids how they have to be social and friendly with others.


I will blame only the parents if the kids grow up like that. When the kids grow up with that nature, it is the duty of the parents to teach them what is good and what is wrong. If there is no restriction to the kids and if the parents give them all sophistications to only play games in their life, we can expect an anti-social nature from the kid when they grow up.

I will not blame saying that all the games are bad and the parents should protect their kids from playing games completely. I know that it is not practical in today’s world. Kids are exposed to so many things today and unnecessary restrictions on the kids will only bring trouble but when parents take responsibility to teach the social aspects to the kids along with a little space to them to play video games, it will be very good. They grow up very well and they will also become socially responsible.

Even adults are addicted to video games

So far I have been talking a lot about how harmful it is for kids but there are many adults who are anti-social because of gaming and video games. Especially when pubg fever hit people, some of my friends have turned out to be anti-social. They don’t interact with the family or friends. Even if we call them out somewhere they will not be very interested. So, let’s ignore the kids but even adults need some change in that attitude.


Gaming and relaxation are definitely necessary for every individual. There is no doubt about it, but we have to make sure that we allocate proper time for gaming. The regular activities and routines should not be disturbed because of gaming. One of my friend’s wife used to say that after pubg game, her husband’s interaction with her has drastically reduced. It definitely takes people to the state of addiction only. If you are someone who spends a lot of time playing games and doesn’t interact with the family properly, I think it is the right time to think about it and plan accordingly.

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