Are we already consuming lots of plastics?

We all know that the world is filled fully with plastics and we don’t have ways to dispose of plastics. It not only threatens human life but also the life of every living being in this world because we are dependent on each other. Some of the scientists mention that as plastics are nonbiodegradable materials, they are everywhere mixed with sand, water, and even other natural resources. None of the creatures in the world are yet able to digest plastics fully and it takes years for some types of plastics to become degradable.

In such a case, we are some way or the other consuming plastics every single day in different forms. There was a survey recently conducted in Cancer Institute in Chennai and it was identified that kids of the young age were reported with cancer. Upon investigation, it was identified that they were all taking hot food in their Tupperware containers to their schools. Along with the food they consumed, plastics were also taken to their digestive system hence creating cancer cells.

Harmful micro plastics

We have been harming the whole planet with lots of plastics already. Plastics need not necessarily be in a solid form but when they are processed from one state to another they are also converted to microplastics. These microplastics are spread out everywhere in all the places. Especially when it comes to water we consume and the food we intake, there are always microplastics in it.


It is identified that when plastics are crushed and spread out or mixed with land resources, they mix with ocean water when there is a natural rain or something. The ocean is already filled with lots of microplastics. These microplastics are gone to the digestive system of the sea creatures when they consume any food from water sources. We as humans consume fish and other creatures from the oceans and ultimately these microplastics reach our digestive system.

Consuming plastics

We all know the harmful effects of consuming items that we cannot digest. Plastic is one such item that can be deposited in our body and can even become a cancer cell gradually. Consuming non-digestive things is definitely not good for us. In Australia, a study was conducted and the study revealed that people are already consuming a credit card worth plastics every day in different forms and most of this come from water. Of course, it is true that most of this will be sent out of the body along with the body waste but some stays inside the body and creates harmful effects.


Another major source of plastics to humans is the shellfish that consumes lots of plastic which intern reaches the human digestive system as well. For the past few decades, we have produced enough plastics in this world without even finding a way to dispose of them or to find a way to make it biodegradable and it has now become deadly to all the living creatures in the world.

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