Blockchain a good solution for government offices

I recently had a chance to visit a registrar office to sign some papers for a known person. I was highly surprised by the way they work and maintain documents there. Though they have all the rules and regulations in place, everything there is documented in stamp papers and bond documents. It was not very attractive for me. They way they store so many physical documents even today is really surprising me. Even though we have lots of digitizing facility available, our government is not very quick and fast in exploring such technologies and adapting to it. I was even thinking what if there are natural calamities and what if the documents are destroyed by rats and other bugs.

I noticed a few other things as well in these government offices. They way people operate there looks very odd to me. Being a person from an IT company, I have had different work experience from a corporate and when I get to see someone in government office very slow in response, it really makes me feel when India will become a developed nation if thing are like this.

Corruption everywhere

The person who came for the paper works mentioned how much black money he had to give to get the paperwork done. He mentioned that it is not at all possible to get things done there without giving bribe to the officials. Though not everyone in government offices is a corrupted individual, there are so many corrupted individuals in the government offices making the task difficult for normal people to get things done without giving any bribe. Decentralization is something that can cut down corruption especially if decentralization is introduced in sectors like this, people will have more visibility over the records over there and any person will be able to surf the information by themselves. This will create more transparency and people will be able to easily catch an official who is corrupted.

Introducing Blockchain in government offices

We have a facility to store the government documents as files in multiple racks in the government offices. If we have to look for information an individual will have to manually go through multiple documents to get information. It is quite challenging. That is one of the reasons why normal people will have to blindly believe what an official says. If all the information is available in a decentralized platform, people will be able to look up information by themselves an even if an official is cheating or saying wrong information, they will be able to easily identify the truth.

In our Constitution, we already have an act called “Right to information”. The information that is open to everyone and can be accessed by everything can be saved in a decentralized blockchain platform so that any individual can easily access it. If we talk about security, we can even restrict it based on whom should be having access to such information. General information that can be shared with anyone in the world can be kept in a decentralized blockchain. I’m not talking about storing army secrets in a blockchain.

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