Bosque – An open source programming language by Microsoft

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This article describes a new programming language called Bosque that was recently launched by Microsoft. This article will be a blog post describing some of the information about this new programming language. Though I may not cover any technical details about this new programming language as it is pretty new to me, I would like to introduce Bosque to you in this article.


Bosque – New programming language by Microsoft

Don’t you think we have enough programming language already? Do we really need a new programming language to satisfy developer needs? But Microsoft gives an explanation for this question. They feel that Bosque is capable of making the job easier for the developers. Machine learning is now becoming one of the most spoken topics everywhere and Bosque is an outcome of the inspiration from Machine learning. The syntax of Typescript and the bloom of node.js is also another inspiration for Bosque programming language. When I first saw this news, I was wondering why would we need a new programming language and why not they improve the existing programming language itself. But I did not get a satisfying answer to the question.

Even though we have lots of programming languages already, we are still dealing with lots of problems during development. There are still complexities in writing code for the logic that we would like to implement. Bosque will take us more towards functional programming breaking through the paradigm of structural programming. Everyday, we learn a lot as developers and for the past few decades there have been a drastic improvement in the way we write code.

“This model builds on the successes of structured programming and abstract data types by simplifying existing programming models into a regularized form that eliminates major sources of errors, simplifies code understanding and modification, and converts many automated reasoning tasks over code into trivial propositions,” explained Marron in his technical paper.

The language is still in the construction stage. If you go to their GitHub repository, you will be able to see many issues and bugs already waiting for the fix. The team recommends using this language for experimental purpose and not for production development. I feel that it can take some more time for the language to get stabilized so that people can start using it on their projects. Until then you are open to do any experiments and testing with the source code and provide a feedback to the development team.

Who is Mark Marron?

Mark Marron is a Research professional from Microsoft. He is the mastermind behind the creation of Bosque. If you look at his profile on the Microsoft website, you will be able to see that he is already working on many projects that help in simplifying the way people write code. There are lots of publications under his name. He represents this programming language as a regularized programming language that is capable of reducing the burden on the developers and help them write programs in a more regularized form.

Good things about Microsoft

I’m really glad by the way Microsoft is moving along with technological growth. With the options that we have currently any company will need to adapt to the market changes and gradually adapt to grow. In that perspective introducing many open source options for the developers is a great move by the company. When the whole world is moving towards open source initiatives and projects, if Microsoft alone tries to sell things for a high cost because of the reputation they already have, they will not be able to survive for a longer period of time in the global competition.


Typescript is a great initiative by Microsoft. Today many latest Javascript libraries are using Typescript for programming. The developers are also finding it very comfortable to use Typescript nowadays. Most of the developers who code using .net framework found it very comfortable and easy to code using Typescript for the front end designs. Angular framework finds Typescript to be more appealing to do easy object-oriented programming. I guess that one fine day Bosque can also become one of the most commonly used programming languages for coding. Some programmers might things how many languages they have to learn for coding. But as technology grows, we should also evolve. If things are getting simpler, who will not want to take the simplest route?


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