Cache – A new game on Steem Platform

Every day something new emerges on top of Steem blockchain making our journey exciting here. I recently happened to hear about this new game and quickly checked their blogs. It was very interesting to read the blog about Cache, a new game on the steem blockchain. I have heard that there have been many applications and games on the Ethereum platform. It was always on my list to explore more about that but I did not find enough time to do that. The article that I read about Cache mentioned that the game is already available on Ethereum platform but unfortunately the game is not available for free there.


The game does lots of transactions with the blockchain which is not feasible on Ethereum because of the mining and gas cost. In that aspect, the development team believes that it can be a great deal to move to Steem blockchain where transactions are free of cost and no mining charges are involved. It looks like the Steem platform is no longer a blogging platform but a great basement for many gaming DApps to come on top of it. I guess this is going to be a Gaming Era where there are many blockchain based decentralized games are emerging. The advantage of decentralized games is that the objective of the game remains stable and everyone will be able to get good transparency on things happening on the blockchain.

Welcome Gift


The gaming team has decided to give a free gift item to everyone who pre-registers before the official launch of the game. I registered with my email address and managed to receive the below item as the welcome gift. For me, it is greek and Latin because God only knows what I should be doing with the below item. But it is definitely good to get free items for pre-registration.

User Interface

The user interface is the first thing that attracts people towards any platform. Even for a shitty game, if the user interface is very well, people will not care about the gameplay and stick to the game just for the purpose of using the interface. That is the real power of the user interface. The user interface of the website is really amazing and thought very well. The text and images displayed on the website are somewhat distorted giving a good gaming feel. I’m amazed by the way people innovate things for a browser-based game. I was thinking that the era for Browser-based games have long gone because we are moving towards a more advanced feature but the way we are progressing with more browser-based games on top of steem blockchain is really amazing. There are many such browser games that I can see online.

Travian used to be one of my favorite for their Remanum game. I admired the game so much and I spent a lot of time, days and months to play the game. It was very addictive and by the way, I also gained many friends from those platforms. I don’t know how many here would know the game. If companies like Travian explore the gaming capabilities of the blockchain and introduce reward-based games on the blockchain, it would be a great success and we will have lots of users on our blockchain. I cannot imagine a day like that where Steem would definitely hit the moon.

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