Indian stock market recovered back a little

March 14, 2020 admin 0

After a huge fall that we had yesterday in the stock market and the crypto market, I’m happy to see them in green color today again. I did a margin trading last week and bought some stocks thinking that it would raise. It was so unfortunate that yesterday was my […]

Apology letter from Binance to the Steem Community

March 11, 2020 admin 0

Today Binance has issued an apology letter for powering up the user fund and upvoting the witnesses. This was a well-played game by Justin and the exchanges. I’m very happy that Binance at least understands that they have created a mess by powering up user funds. Making some noise on […]

This is the right time to campaign more about steem

March 7, 2020 admin 0

The world of cryptocurrency is getting bigger and bigger every day. A few days back we also had good news from India where the previous ban from RBI on cryptocurrency trading was lifted. Actually, it was not a proper ban but RBI told that cryptocurrencies cannot be accepted as a […]

Corona Virus

Coronavirus causing the bearish trend to the stock market

February 27, 2020 admin 0

Source There are several factors that can be responsible for a bearish trend in the stock market. But when there is a bearish trend in global markets, then we have to understand that there is something that is fundamentally wrong. This time it is Coronavirus. This has been one of […]

Money shouldn’t be the barrier for leading a happy life

February 19, 2020 admin 0

One of the main reasons why saving is important is because when we grow old or even today for that matter, money shouldn’t be the barrier to being happy. Every individual will have a dream in their mind. Some people like visiting places and some people like spending some money […]

Invest only your own money and not borrowed money

February 12, 2020 admin 0

Investment is supposed to be a great thing and a mandatory thing for every individual. But in my opinion, I personally feel that this should be done by every individual with their hard-earned money and not from the money they borrowed by someone. I have a friend who does this […]

18 Millionth Bitcoin is going to be mined today

October 18, 2019 admin 0

Today it is going to be a big day for the Bitcoin holders and Bitcoin enthusiasts. It looks like Bitcoin is going to see its 18 millionth coin today. This will leave the remaining coin to just 3 million. This is definitely a great achievement and another great thing is […]

Investments should be monitored frequently

September 20, 2019 admin 0

We all know how important investment is for our life. A part of the money that we earn every month, should be taken to investment as well. It can either be a short term investment or a long term investment based on our capacity and age. If you are someone […]

Types of investment options

August 21, 2019 admin 0

It is usually said that Investment is something that is very common among people who have bigger assets. The statement is not completely true. Anyone who would like to plan for a better future should always think about investment. The time and money that we spend today can be a […]