Chennai is Too cold this year

Climate in Chennai is not so great this season. Chennai is very famous for its hot climate but I guess it is going to become famous for its cold climate as well. There will be no wonder if the temperature in Chennai reaches below 10 degrees. It is already freezing cold in Chennai. We used to have lots of rains usually during the month of November and towards the start of December and unfortunately rains were not proper in Chennai. I’m sure we might end up having water problems in summer season.

A few years back we had unconditional rains in Chennai which caused floods. A year after that we had a cyclone that took away almost a million trees from Chennai. This year we have not even had enough rains to withstand next summer but I think the climate is very cold compared to last year or a year before. Going out after 5 PM becomes quite challenging because of the cold breeze. Two days back the temperature was recorded as 21 degrees during the daytime which is quite unusual for Chennai.

When I used to interact with one of my clients in Germany, she used to mention that climate affects us based on the clothing. If we feel the climate is affecting us, it means that we are having a wrong clothing and alterations should be made to the way how we dress up. I feel that it is quite true. If we wear summer dresses even during the winter season, it is obviously not going to help us.

This year I’m able to feel lots of cold because I travel back home from the office usually at around 10:30 or 11:00 PM during the night. I travel in my bike and it will be freezing cold for me. Especially when I cross regions where there are more trees, I will not be able to even hold the handlebar of my bike very firm. It will be freezing cold. But in spite of that cold, I noticed something that this natural chillness is not something that is very disturbing and my body is able to easily adapt to it. But when the same chillness is experienced in office because of an air-conditioning system, it really hurts and it is evident that the artificial chillness that I observe from the AC system in the office is not good for my health.

I really wish we had a facility to have a camp fire setup in my house. During my young age we used to have a decent backyard and during winter season we will have fire in the backyard. That will really be soothing and also help in eliminating mosquito. I really miss those days. Today everywhere it is just concrete structures and people are going away from having garden and trees around their house.

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