Coding exposure to school students

Recently I had an opportunity to visit my school for an Alumni meet. I’m still one of the most active Alumni members participating in various activities associated with the school. I’m really glad that my school is coming up with many innovative ideas and trying to give as much exposure as they can to the school students. I still remember that during our school days we used to have extracurricular activities and as part of that there will be audiovisual sessions where some of the biological concepts will be visually explained with the help of videos in a theater-like room.

It used to be highly amusing for us and as a biology student after watching those videos, it was easier for me to write about the digestive system and respiratory system in our exams. One of the best things that I saw in that video was the blood clotting system. This helped us visualize things and reciprocate it in exams. During one of the sessions, the school in-charge talked about the exposures that current students are getting. I was thinking the audiovisual sessions were good for me and I was gifted to study in such a school but after hearing about the innovative options available for the current students, I was so jealous.


The first thing was the coding exposure. The correspondent of the school mentioned that they have planned for an app development course for the students for free of cost. Students who are interested in application development can enroll their names for the course and attend the course. The course is being conducted outside their school hours just to make sure their regular curricular activities are not disturbed. He also mentioned that there is also a plan to use the school students themselves to do a digital transformation inside the school premises.

The actual surprise for me was the fact that the correspondent was not even from a computer science background but he was so interested in using the technological advancements that we have today and make the school a better place for the students. The school is getting good shape as there are projectors and smart boards in every classroom.


With this coding exposure to the students, they will be able to easily write software even before completing their schooling. I was comparing this with my skill set. During my school days, I struggled a little bit to understand the basic concepts of programming language. I was so familiar and comfortable with the hardware part but the software related things like syntax, programs, and commands were all difficult for me. I was not even sure if I got something even after completing my engineering degree. The big surprise for me is to see the school students code at the school level itself.

If a school student can talk about library management software before even completing the school education, I’m sure the world is moving very fast and the students are very sharp and competitive in today’s world. The amount of exposure the students get right now is really impressive.

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