Common questions in mind before joining steemmonsters

I have started playing steemmonsters game for the past few weeks. I had no idea about the game before starting to play the game. But now for the past few days, I’m finding it really comfortable and now I understand the strategy that I should be using in the game. Today @dayjee asked me to guide him towards playing steemmonsters. I explained him step by step in the discord server. While giving the explanation I thought why not write a post on that and make my friends start their journey. I’m going to be writing an ultimate beginner’s guide soon. But before that, I wanted to share some of the common questions that people usually get in their mind before entering this game.

In one of my future articles, I will also try to cover why entering into steemmonsters is one of the greatest things to do in steem blockchain. There are a few questions that people usually get when they think about steemmonsters and they can get confused. I will go through some of the questions that I had in my mind before starting this game. At least I have found answers to all these questions now so I will share what answers I’m convinced about.

Is it not too late to start playing this game?

As most of you are already aware, Steemmonsters was launched way back and there were lots of posts and rewards for the early adopters. This is not something new to the blockchain. I missed joining the gaming crew when the game was launched. So I had this question in my mind when I always thought about entering the game. But after entering the game I realize that it doesn’t matter if you start playing the game now. You will have your own room to explore. It is true that you would have missed lots of rewards and giveaways compared to the early adopters but that’s okay. You can start fresh and gradually grow. Think that there are still people who don’t know what steemmonsters is and those who are hesitant to give it a try. I always think that I’m at least lucky than them.

Is 10 $ not a high value to pay for a blockchain game?

I’m sure this question is quite common for everyone. I also initially thought if I should really invest some money to play a game because there are other games in the chain that doesn’t require investment to kick start. But to answer that, 10 $ is not a big deal for this game. First thing is that you somehow get your money back in the form of cards that you get from the starter pack. You can gradually progress in the game and the rewards can give you a great return that you would have never expected. You can sell your cards anytime and walk away with the money or have it as a stake in the game and continue to play the game and have fun.

Card game is not really my thing

I really had this thought from the very beginning. I saw so many people playing this game and sharing their experiences in the form of posts. But I was kind of confused thinking that card games are not my thing. I don’t know what made me think that but after starting to play the game, my perspective changed. Any game looks complicated only if we look at it from outside. As you gradually familiarize with the game, things become easier.

Is it a complicated game? I’m not used to such games.

I did not actually have this question in my mind but I have seen people saying this. Things can look complicated only when it is viewed from the outside. If you step inside and start familiarizing, everything becomes normal. But honestly, after reading the “How to play?” and FAQ sections, I also thought the game can be a little complicated. But gradually I’m picking up and for the past few days, I don’t find the game to be very complicated.

I’m not a gamer. Will this game really suit me?

You don’t have to be a pro gamer to play this game. I personally feel that every individual will have a small interest or even a big interest in games. Some people refrain from playing thinking that it is a waste of time but they will have an interest inside their mind. So, you don’t need any prior gaming experience to play this game. You can just start off thinking that this is your first game in your life and I bet you will enjoy it.

Will this game drink my time?

It is purely dependent on how much time you wish to spend on this game. There is no compulsion that you have to spend hours together to play this game. There is no winning criteria or progress criteria forced upon you. It is purely based on your interest. You can even take a break from steemmonsters for a week and again start playing the game. But if you would like to progress faster, then you have to spend considerable amount of time. But again, there is no compulsion.

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