Contribution of Birds for Ecological balance


In any natural habitat or an ecological environment, balance is very important. The natural section itself is in such a way that one species in the higher order takes care of controlling the rapid growth of another species. That’s how the entire food chain works. This control in the food chain creates a harmonious system where predators hunt their prey for existence. In this biological cycle, humans are kind of a disturbance where they create things with technology to disturb the equilibrium. I’m not going to talk in detail about that in this article. But we have to definitely give it a thought that we humans disturb the ecosystem in many ways.

Birds play a vital role in the ecological balance. They help humans both directly as well as indirectly for a peaceful living. We will be able to see some domestic birds that live along with us always. There are also some birds that migrate from one place to another throughout the year. We can wonder how they have so much of flight power to migrate such a huge distance within a year. If we say about the mass migration, we should also then consider bats and butterflies also as birds because there is some part of the world where mass migration of Butterflies and Bats happen.


Insect eating Birds

Usually, in an ecological environment, we will be able to see so many creatures living dependent on other creatures. In such places, we will be able to see an increase in the number of insects and in order to keep the insect population under control, we can see some wasps and birds in the ecosystem. I wrote in detail about the insect-eating wasps and how they help in food control in one of my previous articles. Similarly, Birds also play a vital role in food control and maintaining ecological balance.

In the ecosystem we live, it should not be the case where one species become abundant ruling the complete ecosystem. That is where the other species higher in the food chain will appear to control the rapid growth of a low-level species in the order. If we want to attract snakes to the ecosystem, then we need more rats or frogs in our area. If there are more snakes in our area, that will automatically invite mongoose and snake eating snakes like King Cobra. Similarly, when there is a rapid increase in the population of insects and wasps in a particular ecosystem, birds will be attracted. It becomes a good meal for the birds so they make nests and settle down in the ecosystem.


Insect and wasp population boom during the summer season. That is the season when there will be enough resources available everywhere suitable and comfortable for the insects and wasps to create a habitat. In a garden like structure or ecosystem, summer is the right time where insects, wasps, and bees can reach the overpopulation. Birds grow their young ones during the summer season and in order to feed their young ones, birds will need more food during this season. The beauty of nature is that it is automatically set in such a way that one species is dependent on the other for food and habitat.

Birds for ecological balance

We need lots of birds in our ecosystem to keep it fresh and control the abundant supply of insects. But when we are looking forward to bring many birds to our ecosystem, we have to make sure that we also need lots of trees and shrubs for them to take cover. If you check, birds usually build their nests only on top of the trees, so they need good tall trees to shelter and create nests. Apart from this, there should also be a good water source nearby for the birds to drink or bathe or refresh. We can attract birds to the ecosystem only by satisfying all the basic needs they require. With just an abundance of food, they will not be fully comfortable to stay in the habitat.


Birds are important for the ecological balance because one species in this ecosystem is dependent on another species like how we humans are dependent on other living creatures in the world. For example, if there are no wasps and insects and bees in this world, we will not be able to taste fruits. Another reason why birds are of great help to humans is that when we have insects spoiling the food items that we grow in our backyard, birds help in taking care of them. Birds eat the insects and reduce the population of insects so that our backyard garden can be safe from bugs and insects.

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