Cowlick to induce hair growth on a bald head

The title sounds funny right. That’s what even I felt when hearing it for the first time. Last week when I was travelling with my family this topic came for discussion. The reason was because, I shaved my head last week in one of the temples that we visited. After shaving my head, my father asked me to go and show my head to any cow to make it lick my head. When I asked why, he told that it will induce hair growth and avoid baldness. Currently I have good quantity of hair on my head and there are no traces for baldness but my father, grandfather and my father’s brothers and their sons are also bald already. It kind of looks like a family gene.

But in my case, I have good hair on my head so far. But my father used to say that even he had good hair on his head till the age of 33. I’m currently 30 years old and maybe in another three years I will know if I’m following the traces of my father and grandfathers. Okay coming back to the topic, during the discussion that I had with my father and grandfather they mentioned about cowlicking as a remedy for baldness. It used to be a common and popular practice in village regions it seems. Letting a cow lick our head as the tongue of cow is a bit scratchy which can help in increasing the possibility of hair growth.

I was so curious to know more and read more on this topic. We have heard about so many natural methods, but this one was really so great. There are some local medical practitioners who follow these methods to induce hair growth. Looks like, in natural medicine, this is one of the common method used. The head will first be fully shaved and then they apply some edible item that cows usually eat, on the head of the bald person and show the head to cow to make it lick.

Indian cows are usually fed with the refuse of oilseeds. They are good at chewing and maybe that’s why they find it really interesting to eat. Refuse of Oilseeds is called as Punnakku in Tamil. The reason why they choose that for applying in the bald head is that it will not create any harm to the hair and head. Technically we can also pour honey on the bald head and let the cowlick it, but honey will change the colour of hair and definitely not a great option.

When I searched more about this online, I was even able to find some videos about how this is being used as a treatment. But I don’t think this is something that is being used by the villagers as a stupid thing. Maybe there is definitely a great result from this. Only people who experience this personally will be able to tell us if it was significant or not. We may not be able to say that it can be successful for everyone. Some people might even ask why we can’t scratch our head with some scratchy thing like cow’s tongue, but I would say that there is always a difference in the outcome from natural ways compared to other ways.

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