Cultural event at my office

Last Saturday we had a cultural event in our office. It was really an amazing experience. As part of the associate engagement program, we have been conducting lots of events for the past 1 year. We named the squad team as the MAD squad and the initiative was called MAD (Make A Difference) events. Following so many events over the past year, last Saturday we had a grand finale for the events which was a cultural event with dance, singing and skit as three different competitions. I’m part of the organizing committee as well as one of the teams. All the employees in the department were split into 4 different teams and we had several competitions between the teams.

We have been planning these events for the past one month and all the teams were doing severe practice. The outcome of all those hard efforts was seen during the event. Some employees really showed a great level of dedication and they did practice really well to entertain everyone. Though it was just our department who participated in the event, the event was a grand success.

Dance event

First I would like to talk about the dance event. The dance competition was conducted in two genre – solo and group dance. We had someone in the team who was able to do a solo performance but we couldn’t grab any prize on that. The number of dancers in the team was very less and we initially thought we will not be dancing. Then only we decided that if we cannot dance properly, we can at least do something and entertain the audience. So we decided to do a funny dance. In group dancing, there is a genre called Lazy dance where for a fast beat song or a popular song, the group of people will be doing a lazy dance with some basic steps.

We kind of made it funny and literally translated the words from the song and did actions on that. It turned out to be great entertainment for everyone. Everyone expected that we will be doing a real dance performance but we ended up doing something really funny. It was just our team who tried to do something like this. All other teams had good dancers and they did very good at dancing with lots of efforts. The only intention that we had in our mind was to entertain the audience and we were successful in that.

Skit or Drama

All the 4 teams did a short skit where only one team did a mime. My team’s theme of the script was “Half Devil Half-God”. The intention of the drama was to convey a message that every human has two personalities, one driven by the mind and another driven by heart. We just concluded the drama with a message on which part of our personality we should be listening to. It was again a funny drama and our intention was purely to entertain the audience. I played one of the key roles in the Drama.

Other teams took different themes and they were both entertaining as well as something that really touched our heart. One of the teams did a skit about the difficulties that soldiers undergo in their life. They projected how their families are affected as well. It was really touching. They took a theme based on the recent event that happened in Pulwama. Our drama was a commercial one and both of us got the first prize.

Singing event

There were two singing events, one was solo singing and another was a group singing event. It was really an amazing experience. One of the team had a guitar player and a keyboard player who took group singing to a different level. Though orchestra is not something that is expected out of a group singing competition, they did a great job and it was highly entertaining for everyone.

In solo singing, our team got the first place as our team made gave a rock star performance which was commended by the Judge as well. We used a mix of different songs from past as well as present and we did a mixture of slow songs transforming to fast beat songs. We were able to grab second prize in the group singing event.

Overall, it was really a wonderful experience and we all enjoyed the event to the fullest. After the event, we also had our dinner there which was arranged as part of the event and we had DJ night there. Some people stayed there late at night and enjoyed the dance floor. I have shared the skit video and dance video above. I’m not sure if everyone will be able to understand it or not. But I would like to tag some of my Tamil friends who can understand to watch it and have fun. @sathyasankar, @sayee, @inuke, @erode, @lifecruiser . Please feel free to share the videos with your friends who can understand Tamil.

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