Database Administrator jobs are fading away

Database administration is an important role in every company where there will be a team who will manage the databases for the clients. A decade because this was considered to be one of the important job profile because every company tried to manage its client data on their own servers. For the past few years, cloud solutions are getting more popularity. Quite true that even if we go for clouds solution, we will still need a database administrator who will manage the databases in the cloud. But compared to the olden days, the number of database administrators that were required has drastically reduced.

We cannot ever say that we will no longer need database administrators at all. Even if we move to cloud solutions, we will still need database experts who can manage the databases and develop in the server side. But we can say something for sure that we don’t need lots of database administrators and especially in all the companies.


Clouds solutions

Most of the companies before 10 years had their client database hosted on their own servers. This was both for security reasons as well as to get more control over the servers. When I say self-hosting, the companies will invest in the hardware and appoint database administrators to manage the database and the servers. The work of the DB administrators will be to monitor the server regularly and keep it up and running all the time. They plan for patch upgrades and enhancements to both hardware as well as software. Today the world has changed a lot and it is moving more towards cloud solutions.

The software provider started cloud solutions for the clients so that the database will be available on the internet instead of the intranet. The company providing the software will take care of the hosting part. This model will no longer need a Database Administrator from the client side. Say for example if there are 1000 clients for a big software providing company, in the previous model, the databases will be hosted on the Client machines and client infrastructure. So, based on the requirement there will be a need for a minimum of 1000 database administrators in each client place to manage the database.


After the introduction of cloud solutions, the client databases will be managed by the software providing company itself with a clear agreement on the privacy of the client data. So, when it comes to a cloud solution, the requirement for database administrator from the client side will be negated and instead, there will only be a need for few DB administrators in the cloud solutions team who will be managing all the client databases.

Data analytics

Most of the database developers have now started moving towards data analytics with the help of different analytical tools. The need for database administrators is gradually reducing and that paved way to explore more about data science and data analytics. People who are capable of writing queries both in the server side as well as from the client side can now be well utilized to write queries for data analytics that can bring reports for the clients. There are now requirements to fetch client data in a fancy way to see how the company is progressing. Based on different requirements that the client has, the database developers write tools and code to fetch data from the cloud servers.


Sometimes we may not be able to find the right opportunity for ourselves in the right technology. It has now become a great learning curve for the database developers to incline more towards data analytics instead of managing the database servers and writing database queries. The way the world is moving, we should also be progressive to catch with the speed in which the world is moving.

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