Do we travel in our dream?


A dream is something that fascinates every individual. I used to be thinking a lot about dreams when I was a kid. Even today I still see Dream as a big mystery. This is one thing that Science is finding it really hard to explain. We all don’t know what happens to our body and mind during sleep. Though we say alive during sleep, our consciousness is definitely not inside our body and in the surrounding. It makes me feel that we actually travel somewhere in our dream.

Have you ever wondered if dreams are real?

Sometimes when we sleep and when we get dreams, it will be so real and we will not be able to get away from the dream. We might have even been in a situation where we will hesitate to come out of the dream. Waking up in the morning can be quite challenging if we have had a great dream during our deep sleep. Can you imagine that every living being gets dreams and have you wondered if that was real or the reality that we are living in is real? Some philosophers even confuse us saying that even the reality that we think is another dream state for another conscious mind. Some people even think that it is a dream inside a dream.


There can be arguments saying that we feel pain in our current state but not when we are dreaming. But we realize that we did not go through the pain only when we woke up. When we were dreaming and when we were sleeping, we would have also gone through the pain as well. It is only that we are unable to experience that when we wake up. Maybe the intensity of the dream makes us feel that it was real.

Traveling during our dreams

Some people have the habit of walking when they are sleeping. They don’t know what they are doing but sometimes they sleep in a different place and wake up in a different place. This is very usual. I’m not talking about physical travel here. I’m trying to see if mind travel in dreams is real or not. There is a theory stating that our mind can travel as fast as light. It just takes a fraction of seconds for us to travel somewhere with our mind. We don’t even have to prepare or plan anything to travel with the mind to someplace.


Relating the mind travel with dreams, I always wonder if we are really traveling to some other planet or cosmos with our mind. I believe in the theory of the parallel universe. I started believing this theory starting from my 11th standard. During my physics class, my physics teacher told me that there will be a parallel universe where there can be someone like him standing and teaching class and someone like us sitting and listening to the class. But in these parallel universe, there will be a minute difference in the way thing works. Imagine the whole universe is filled with many such parallel universes. This can sound like a science fiction story. But imagine if it was true.

Every day after you wake up from your dream, try to spend some time remembering your dream. You will be able to remember only the bits and pieces from your dream. But there are instances where you get the same type of dream again and again. Those dreams create some impression on us making us remember something. I personally feel that the traces that we remembered are from our mind and not from our body. Our body never travels when we sleep but maybe our mind travels and that’s where the mind gets some traces of what happened during the dreams.


Imagine a concept where we keep traveling from one parallel universe to another parallel universe in every sleep and dream. Is it not very cool? I want to give more thoughts to this to understand this better.

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