Doing creative things in life


There is a little secret to living a good life. Most of the people try to copy things from others. But if you take a close look at the winners, we will be able to see that they usually do things differently and we will be able to easily find something unique in them. I have observed this from my childhood days. I always wanted to be a different person. Certain things, I may not be able to do on my own. I used to copy things from others who do it in a unique way. To be honest, I have even copied the works of my friends during my childhood and got credit for them. If I think about all that now, it looks silly and funny to me but I have done that.

Most of us will have similar stories in our life. According to me, every individual in this world is definitely creative. As we are humans, we naturally have a tendency to be a creative living being. Some researchers have found out that even other living beings are creative at times. The seeking ability is something that induces creative nature.


Winners are creative

If we closely observe the winners, they have a good pattern for themselves. They usually don’t follow or copy things from others. They have their own ways to do things. That creativity is something that makes them a start and gives them the winning status. There are also people who tend to copy that unique attribute from the winners and showcase that as their talent. It also prevails in the world but will not sustain for a very long time.

Winners Don’t Do Different Things. They Do Things Differently

– Shiv Khera

I just remembered the above quote which used to be one of the most used mantras for me. I used to remember the above quote in my life and try to always do things differently. I’m not going to say that I have been a winner on so many things but I’m bold enough to say that I always wish to be a winner trying to do things differently. If the whole world is going in a particular direction, I will not be following them blindly. I stop for a second and think why I should be taking that route. I will not continue my journey unless I’m convinced that the direction that I’m going is correct or not.


Getting inspirations from others

You can still get inspirations from others. It will not be considered as copying. Only the blind copying part is harmful and not getting inspirations from others. There is a huge difference between both. If you go and ask a kid for their role model, they would say some great personalities. The reason is that they would have got inspired by those personalities. Not just for the kids, even for adults, there is always inspirations or someone to inspire them. If you ask who inspired me, I would say there were many people and I keep learning so many things from every individual.

Every single person whom you meet in your life will have something to teach you.

This is a quote that I always use for others if someone asks me for some advice. As human beings, we always have this learning curve throughout our life. We keep learning new things every single day. But the inspirations that we get from the others decide in which direction our learning happens. Copying others can be really harmful because one can even lead us towards the wrong direction. But inspirations help in doing things in a creative manner. After getting inspirations from others, we usually use our creativity to do things in a unique manner.

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