Don’t miss doing your own research while investing

Nowadays I see a lot of people showing more interest in investment. Well, I’m not a financial advisor but I do sometimes provide some good advice to some of my close friends about good investments that they can make. Of course, I do it only with a disclaimer that my financial advice may or may not yield them any fruit. So, if you are also someone reading this article looking for some financial advice, please do read it with caution and do your own research.

Investing is an art like how trading is. There are people who trade regularly and almost every single day. For trading, you will not need a deep market analysis or understanding of every stock or background, etc. Some people just do it blindly and some people have a specific stock and a buying and selling pattern. They follow the pattern and end up with some profit and at the same time they also end up with some loss at times.

Serious Investment

I would like to describe what serious investment is all about. There are people who would like to invest in something and make decent money in the long term. Short term money may not be an option for them or they will not expect any returns in the near future. Such people are someone eligible to do some serious investment. If you are also someone who is more careful about your investments, I would recommend doing good research before investing in something. Especially when it comes to long term investment, if there is no concrete data with you, that can end up in huge loss.

People who are doing serious investments are not usually short term investors or even traders for that matter. They do a deep market analysis and enter the market at the right time and exit from the market at the right time. These serious investors are usually backed with a financial advisor who will take care of all the research work and analysis. The serious investors trust their financial advisors and invest their money on whatever is given to them as suggestions or recommendations.

Data speaks a lot

For example when people approach me asking for financial advice or about the list of stocks they can invest in, the first thing that I say them is to first read about the stocks and the status of the market and have the data in hand. Do not blindly invest because people around you are investing in something. That blind investment can lead to a complete loss in no time. I’m not going to go for the positive aspects of blind investments because there are still people who get good profit by blindly investing in something.

I would recommend having at least one sheet full of data in your hand before you decide about investing in something. If not today later the data and the analysis that you made will speak for you when you need some refresher on why you invested in that particular thing. There can also be instances where you might have to answer your parents or friends or even partner about why you are doing that investment. In such cases having clear data in hand will be very helpful while speaking with people. It can even be highly convincing for you if at all you get a second thought about your investment.

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