Dota 2 – Winning Streak

Yesterday I wrote an article saying that I’m travelling today and I’m so excited about it. But unfortunately my health is still not good to be able to travel, so I decided to take rest for few more days and then decide about travelling later. So when I got my travel plan cancelled, I thought of making use of the time in a very productive manner. I started reading something online initially to do a project for my office work and after some time I really got bored and wanted to waste some time. I thought why not play Dota 2 and that’s how I ended up playing Dota 2 the whole day. I also had Path of Exile in my mind because it been a really long time since I played PoE. But the new ranking system really motivated me to play Dota 2.

I guess I have played Dota 2 today for nearly 5 hours. It was very interesting because I kept winning lots of games today. Usually, it is not the case. I either get some stupid players in the team or I will be unlucky to lose so many games. But I was really very surprised to see that I kept winning so many games today. The ranking calibration happened a few days back and based on my Solo ranking, the medal given to me was Guardian VII. If you look at my stats, I have nearly played over 2000 games of Dota 2 where I have spent more than 1800 hours in my lifetime to play this game. With all that, getting a Guardian VII is definitely not a great deal. But I’m okay with the ranking and medal and I ultimately enjoy playing the game.

Today for the past 8 hours I have been playing Dota 2 and I started the day with a loss and after that, all my 6 games gave me victory. Even though I had some stupid players in a few games, I somehow managed to win the game. So I’m now currently in a winning streak of 6 games. Hopefully, I wish this should continue until I get my next medal. The only reason why I’m concerned about winning is that that will only provide you ranking with which the medal is decided. I think I have to still win a few more games to go to the next level which is Crusader I. During the last calibration I was a Crusader VII and one step away from becoming an Archon I. But this time I’m struggling to even become a Crusader. Hope it will happen soon.

There is this interesting website called which provides good stats about our gameplay. I’m basically a stats lover and if I see my stats in the game regularly it keeps me motivated and provides me with a pathway to my next achievement. Some of the stats mentioned above are from dotabuff. Though I found that not all the stats are accurate, I can definitely say that it provides our game stats with 95 % perfection.

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