Drug Wars – My progress update

Last week I was posting a lot of gaming posts and this weeks, I did not find enough time to write on gaming topics. Today I thought I will write a post about my progress on Drug Wars game. If you don’t know what Drug wars game is, you can feel free to join the game and start earning some passive steem for playing the game. Please take my referral. This is one of the coolest games in the Steem world for the past few weeks. People are very curious to play Drug wars and become the drug lord. I started playing this game from day 1 and it took few days for me to understand the strategy of the game. I was also afraid to spend my hard earned steem on this Game initially. So for the first 3 days I was just observing the game. Later from few of the friends I heard that the game is going to take forever for us to make some profit if we don’t invest a minimum value.

So after 3 days of continuous game play, I did invest some steem on this game and I don’t really regret that. The reason is because, I’m able to produce resources faster than before and I also get a decent cut everyday from the game as a passive income for the drug production that I do. Of course the value that I get every day is gradually reducing day by day because it is understood that lots of people are playing this game and the reward pool is shared among so many players and additionally there also so many whales in this game progressing really well in the game.

My game strategy

So far from day one, I have been really cautious about my moves on the game. During the initial days I lots my units when I tried to battle and the developers told me that it was lost in the black hole and we will not be able to get it back. From that moment onwards, I was not very confident about experimenting battles in the game by building troops. I have been a silent drug producer with zero units so far. So I have no defence as well as offence skills to attack someone or to defend my own resources. I’m not sure if that is a good strategy to follow but let’s see what happens.

From my observation, I found a few things and I have them as a strategy in the gameplay. I would like to explain a bit about that.

  • I have no idea about training units and going for any battles in the future. I will better try to stay as a silent drug producer and at the same time, I will be upgrading my storage to the maximum limit to safeguard my resources.
  • I have already received my ROI for the investment that I made on the game.
  • I’m not in the idea of investing any further on the game because I will not be able to spend more time on this game every day. If I invest and upgrade more, I might have to play this more frequently which can be a challenging thing for me. I’m going to let it happen gradually.

My game stats

There is now a cool tool available where we will be able to check our ROI using a command !bookkeeping drugwars as a comment on any post. You will be getting your game stats as a reply to this comment. This is a great tool not just for drug wars but your ROI can also be checked for other games like steemmonsters as well. I just checked my stats using this option and I got the below as my stats.

I think I was able to get my return back from the game already. Whatever I will be getting going forward will be a profit for me and a passive income if I continue to play the game really well. I remember playing similar games during my college days and it used to be fun. Thanks to the developers of this game who really work hard day and night to make this game great on the blockchain.

The game team have announced that the battle will be on from next week onwards. I’m not sure if I will be able to stand a chance during the battle. I don’t have any units yet and there is a fair chance that people can easily wipe out my resources. I have to plan well to increase my storage capacity to safeguard my resources. Let’s see how it goes.

If you are hearing about this game for the first time and if you would like to join the game, please feel free to use my referral ID(https://staging.drugwars.io/#!/ref/@bala41288).

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