Drug Wars – My strategy with the new changes

Drug Wars team have released a new version of the game with a new user interface. There are lots of other changes as well along with this new release. The main thing is that they are no longer in staging, they have moved to production I believe. The URL to play the game is now drugwars.io and not staging.drugwars.io. Along with these changes, the Battles are also now on in Drug Wars. People get mixed feeling about the battles and there are still loopholes in the system.

Though they posted frequent updates about the game, I kind of missed building units or emptying my resources. Because of which I ended up being trashed by a player. It is kind of my mistake because yesterday night before going to bed, I should have made some plan to empty my resources or doing some upgrades or at least purchase some units to defend my base. After seeing a shield on my base, I was a bit sad that my base was looted. But I will remember this guy and attack him later. 😀

My strategy for the next few weeks

I’m travelling for the next few days and I will not be able to play drug wars more frequently. That’s why today morning I emptied all my resources by purchasing units and depositing the drugs in Heist. We have to keep upgrading the buildings to produce more drugs. If we fail to do that, our daily payout will be gradually reducing. I think this is something that is already happening for everyone. But in order to do the upgrade, we have to make sure we are able to safely accumulate the resources. I will be doing the following in the coming weeks:

  • Upgrade my storage capacity and make it somehow equivalent to how much I’m producing to safeguard more resources.
  • In parallel, I should also focus on upgrading the buildings and when it comes to building upgrade, the first preference goes to the building that gives better output than the ones that increases the resource production only to a minimum value.
  • When I have excess Alcohol and Weapons, I will be focusing on buying units as well to be able to get ready to defend my base for the future.
  • While doing the above activities, I will be depositing drugs to Heist only if my resource balance goes beyond safe storage capacity.
  • For now, I will try to retain all my resources below my safe storage capacity.

Areas that need improvement

So far I’m happy with the interface. I’m able to see that the game is slowly moving towards a mobile friendly interface so that it becomes easier for players who play from Mobile devices. The development team also mentioned that 0.3.0 version of the application will be available as a mobile app. If that happens, it will be really great. I found some flaws or discomforts in the new interface which I would like to list below.

  • When I’m trying to purchase units based on the number of resources I have, the resource required should be auto-calculated based on the number of units I enter. Currently it accepts any value and of course it doesn’t process if enough resources are not available but still, it should be dynamic.
  • There is a discrepancy in the rank that is being displayed there. On my profile, it says 409 but if I go to the leader board, it says 410. I even tried refreshing the page several times but the value is not updated.
  • I read it somewhere that you can trigger the shield with an alt account by just doing a fake attack. It will need more reconstruction because people will easily cheat the game and stay on shield all the time.
  • The find targets page is not user-friendly at all. The page needs lots of improvements.
    • First thing is that it is not showing the correct targets.
    • The targets that I see there are the ones that already have a shield. What am I going to do with those targets if I’m planning to do an attack?
    • The details mentioned on the find targets page is not sufficient to choose whether to attack that person or not. I have to manually go inside each and every target to see their strengths and then plan my attack. It is not a great user experience.
    • The page takes lots of time to load. In my case, it never loads until I refresh the page. It keeps loading forever.
  • On the profile page the buildings and army information is displayed. It will be nice if a tool tip to say what building it is would be great. I’m not sure how it will work on mobiles because there is no satisfying alternative for tool tip on touch devices.

The great thing that I liked about the game is that I’m able to pick a username and check their base like how the link https://drugwars.io/@bala41288 displays people information about my base. Hope my above suggestions are valid and will help in making the game even better.

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