Earth is running low on fuel

We might have been in a situation where our vehicle might end up running low on fuel. When we end up in a situation like that, we go to the nearest fuel station and refill our bike. But what will happen if Earth itself goes low on fuel. I think it is now the right time to give it a thought. We have been so much dependent on fossil fuels for all our activities. If there is a fuel strike for just one day, we will not be able to get any of our basic amenities like milk or vegetables. We have seen that several times in India.

When we talk about the reduction in the availability of fossil fuels in the earth’s surface, we should also think about using alternatives. For the past few years, I have been hearing and reading about so many innovations happening in the field of clean energy. But something that hinders me is that it never reaches the common people. The innovation will be excellent but it will be patented to someone or some company in general. The innovation will stay locked until the person to who it is patented decides to do something about it.

We can see so many such innovations suppressed and not taken into use yet. If at all someone else tries to invent the same thing, they will not be able to use it because it is patented to someone else. I see this as something that stops the growth. Many great scientists let things out to the general public for use. Today we see so many advancements in the world only because of that. If people continue to retain what they invented with themselves or their own company, then we will not be able to make use of it to move towards the future. I feel the same happens to the clean energy projects and innovations that happens.

From my childhood, I have admired the clean energy topic and during my college days, even though I was from a computer science background, I wanted to learn more about clean energy and even I showed interests on IC engines which is a mechanical subject. Now I realize that it was all because of the interest that I had towards clean energy. Initially, I used to think a lot about how humans are depleting the resources and I wanted to change my lifestyle to not use much of natural resources and switch towards renewable resources. But later I realize that this is not an ideology that should be considered by individuals alone but it should be taken for mass adoption.

When I get an opportunity to speak to people I talk a lot about clean energy. One of my cousin is studying electrical and electronics engineering. I used to give him lectures on clean energy and how he can take it up as a subject and grow in his career. I have also had conversations about clean energy with some of my other friends as well. The only problem with adoption is that, solar energy is quite costly in my country and we can do it as an expense but not as an investment. The other source of energy is quite cheap for us in India compared to the clean energy sources. One reason is that there is not enough advertisements about that by the government. Another is the implementation cost is very costly and people continue to use energy from fossil fuels instead of spending millions on solar energy projects.

Of course the situation is changing in India as well as many developing nation. We are hoping to see many innovations becoming open to all for adoption and great reduction in the implementation cost. I think that is when we can decide to stop using non-renewable resources and look forward to clean energy sources.

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