Factors Affecting the Cost of a cardboard suitcase

A cardboard suitcase is one device with multiple uses. 100% of the time, you will never regret buying this type of suitcase. It may be made of cardboard, but it doesn’t make it a weak material. According to packaging standards, cardboard is strong for packaging things. This suitcase is not only light, it is also sufficient to hold more than one suit in most cases. Most times, you will also use this suitcase for an extended period. However, these suitcases come at a cost that may surprise you. You may assume that cardboard should normally be cheap. Let’s take a look at factors that affect the cost of a cardboard suitcase.


A brand is the sole entity responsible for the cost of any product. They are the ones that know the cost of making that product, and as such have a right to put the profit. For instance, if a company spends around $250 to build a cardboard suitcase, they may want to sell it at $300, depending on how prudent they are on profit. They spent the money to make the product, and have a right to the profit.


The size of any product will have a direct effect on the cost. The reason is simple, you will require much more raw materials to make an item with a bigger size than to make the smaller item. For instance, if you’re building a suitcase that is 1000 sq² size, you will need more cardboard than a 100sq². The more the brand spends, the costlier it is.


From the design of a suitcase, you already know what to expect from the suit. Suitcases used to be neglected some time ago, but recently, the suitcase needs to look as nice as the suit. Of course, we love our suits to have silk materials and very lovely designs, but at the same time, the suitcases are the first introduction. The ideation, creation, and building of a suitcase into the sleek design we all know is never an easy routine. The intellectual property and effort will be valued by the company and given an appropriate price.


Cardboard suitcases come in different sizes and features. You can have a weak suitcase that will last for a long while, and you can have a strong one. It all depends on the one you choose. The stronger cardboard suitcases are the ideal one anyone should get. But sometimes, the cheaper prices of the other ones make us think otherwise. Without a doubt, we will advise that you always stick to the stronger options. This strength will affect the overall cost of the product because it is better. It is, however, a wiser decision to buy a single product that you can use over time, than another that you will change frequently.


Many things affect how much you will pay to buy a cardboard suitcase. The bulk of the factors depend on the cardboard type and the brand. If the cardboard is expensive, it will affect the cost. Likewise, if the brand is a luxurious one, it will affect the price.