FOMO – Fear of missing out


I heard this word only a few days back. It was @zaku using this word quite often. I wanted to do a little bit of reading about what this acronym stands for. It was pretty interesting to read about it and wanted to write an article on this. FOMO is a syndrome that happens for every human being. This usually happens when something is happening around us and we have no idea what is happening.

People who are already in the Crypto world knows very well about this. And that is the reason why they pay more attention to whatever happens around them. I have seen FOMO in the real world as well. People who regularly trade in the share market will keep their ears and eyes open all the time for opportunities. They have serious FOMO to not miss any opportunity that can make them bite their nails in the future. When there are many new things happening around us in the crypto world, we sometimes miss keeping track of everything. That is when we have this FOMO.


Investing in Steem-Engine Tokens

Today we are able to see so many tribes emerging. If we miss the opportunity to check out some of the awesome tokens and the community working behind it, it is definitely going to be a loss for us in the future. There are also people who get airdrops from many such communities, people make a mistake of dumping all the tokens in the market as soon as they receive the airdrop. I would say that it is a bad investment strategy. FOMO is something that we can see commonly in such situations. People who analyze the tokens perfectly will have the FOMO and they invest enough resources on the tokens and the platforms.

Neoxian Tribe is one best example of this. When the miners were out, we were all a little hesitant towards buying the miners because we were initially thinking that it was a costly investment but later came the FOMO. When I saw a perfect strategy in distributing the NEOXAGM tokens, I really felt that I missed some golden opportunities. I was crazy enough to get some miner for myself just to satisfy my mind. I had a huge FOMO and wanted to at least have a little holding of NEOXAGM that can generate at least a little NEOXAG per day.


FOMO nature in birds

I have seen this in the birds. When the chicks are raised, it is quite obvious that all the chicks are going to get their food from the parent bird, but the chicks show a serious FOMO and they express it aggressively during the time of feeding and it is also naturally the one who shows more FOMO gets more food. As we can see this behavior in nature itself, it is not a big surprise to such things with humans. We also have humans with such nature and that’s how we evolve. Sometimes we have to be sharp enough to grab the opportunity. If we are not wise enough and if we don’t have the FOMO, we might end up being like this forever.


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