Get relieved from Body pain with the help of Salt

Most of the naturally occurring elements have good healing power. One such naturally occurring element is the salt. Our Earth is filled with 75 % of ocean water and in most of the places, oceans are a rich source for Salt (NaCl). There are methods available to extract salt from the oceans. And because of such easy procedures to extract salt from ocean water, they are available for cheap prices. We should not underestimate the capabilities of Salt just because it is available for a cheap price. Salt is one of the important ingredients of natural medicines.

In every medicinal field Ayurveda, Siddha, Allopathy etc, Salt is used as one of the most important ingredients in preparing the medicine. It is also used as an important ingredient in the food that we prepare daily. It acts as a great preservative for the food items and that is the reason why most of the food items that are being prepared every day are prepared with Salt as one of the ingredients. When used in the right quantity Salt can be great natural medicine. We might have heard of many medicines that are prepared with the help of Salt as one of the ingredients but apart from internal consumption, Salt can also be used for other external purposes as well.

Salt for healing body pain

If you go to a doctor with body pain or leg pain, all that you get from the doctor is a paracetamol tablet or a pain killer in the worst condition. We end up consuming tablets without even knowing the root cause of the issue. We will be able to get relief from body pain with the help of salt. In village regions, if people are very tired and with body pains, they take a bath in water mixed with some salt. Salt is first mixed in the hot water and take a bath in that water. It gives good relief from body pain. When I say salt, it should be crystal salt and not any refined salt. Only the natural crystal salt will be having all the healing properties.

If you are in a country where crystal salt is not available, you can may be go for refined salt or iodised salt. I’m not actually a big fan of these refined salt or iodised salt because its natural tendencies are lost when they are artificially refined. But go for it when you don’t have any other option in your place.

A great heal after trekking

I came to know about the power of salt only after my first trekking experience. One of the people who guided us throughout trekking asked us to soak our legs in hot water mixed with salt after going home. I did try that after coming back home and the result was excellent. The first thing is that it creates a relief in the leg and you will also be able to get great sleep after that because of tiredness. The effect of salt reaches the whole body if you soak your leg on salt water for a few hours.

The effect can be both ways actually. If you soak your leg which is already in pain into salt water, you will be able to get a great relief but on normal days if you go about soaking your leg on salt water, the effects will be negative where you will easily catch up body pain. Salt water not only heals your body pain but it also gives you great resistance from the germs and infections because of the salt content in the water. This is one of the natural ways to increase resistance in the body and get a heal for body pain after your trekking trip.

Good punishment for kids

My mother used to threaten me during my childhood saying that she will keep me inside salt water or make me stand inside salt water if I make any mistakes. Of course, she did not do it even once but she used to threaten us a lot when we were kids and that is when we came to know about the effects of standing inside salt water. Even for the healing purpose, we can only spend a few minutes to hours inside salt water. If the limit is extended the effect can induce more body pain and leg pain which can be a reverse action.

This natural medicine is a tip that is usually used in my locality to treat body pain. If you are someone with an allergy to Salt when used in high quantity, then I would advise to not try out this thing without knowing what you are actually doing. I would say that this can be recommended as a good punishment for the kids because from what I have seen, it doesn’t create any effects or complication and that too especially on kids. But, it will help in increasing the resistance and endurance of the kids.

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