Getting inspiration from a good leader

Every day to stay happy and motivated, we all need inspirations from something or someone. Great leaders are always a great inspiration. Today I wanted to write on this topic after admiring so many good qualities from my manager in the office. He is one such person from whom I always get inspirations. For someone to be successful in life, they have to be a great leader and mentor. When you can drive others towards the right direction and if they are convinced that you are taking them in the right path, then you are definitely a great mentor and great leader. This is what every business also needs.

The work that we do every day is part of our routine but we have to analyze and see if we are really motivated and inspired to do the work. Certain days we will feel really enthusiastic to do the work and some days we might feel really unmotivated to do any work. Managers or our leaders can be of great help during those days. In good companies, leaders usually have a good relationship with their teammates. When the team members are stuck somewhere finding it difficult to proceed, they somehow find solutions by sitting with them to solve the issue.


Good conversations

Apart from the work-related conversations, a leader should also act as a mentor at times providing good support to the team members. Even if the work is very easy, if the team members are not motivated, we will not be able to get productivity. Even if the work is difficult, if the team members are highly inspired and motivated, they will find it as walking in a park. A leader is not someone who pushes the team for their own agenda. They are really someone who works closely with the team with a common agenda towards destiny.


A great leader can turn any situation to a favorable situation with good conversation. People are comfortable talking to the leaders if they are approachable. I have had both leaders who were approachable and leaders who were hesitant to talk to the subordinates. Today I will be praising only the leaders who were approachable and were ready to answer my questions. Being open to the subordinates and creating an impression that they are ready to provide answers to any questions make them feel very comfortable.

Extracting the right talent from the subordinates

It is the duty of every leader to mentor the team members and identify things they are really good at. With regular interactions and close monitoring, this can be identified. If you continue to have the conversation with the subordinates, you will be able to identify what are their strengths and areas where they need a little push. If you can provide that little push in a good way, they will shine out to be a wonderful resource for the organization. Always development should be both in terms of individual development and as well as growth in the company.

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