Google is Sunsetting Classic Hangouts Chat

For people who are used to Google Chat, Hangouts should also be a familiar application. There have been so many innovations happening in the messaging platforms as the technology is growing day by day. I would say that Google Chat was something that stood firm for a very long time and it was one of my favourite chatting tools during the early days. Later the company decided to convert Google Chat to Hangouts and I would say that it was also solving the purpose for all the users.

The company has now decided to sunset the classic Hangouts Chat. When I first read the message, I was confused while trying to understand what they are really planning to do. Then after a deep reading, I found out that the company is sunsetting only the classic Hangouts Chat feature and that to effectively for all the G Suit customers. The normal people who are not G Suit subscribers will continue to have this feature available until next notice.

There is also a talk that the name of Google Hangouts will be changed to Hangouts Meet. This is a change from the admin side that can also provide a different user experience. This should not be a surprise for the users because they company already announced about changes and transitions from Chat to Meet in one of their previous statements.

Continuous Improvements from Google

Google as a company and as a service provider has been really hard working in providing so many new features and updates for the users all over the world. They have brought so many innovations to the internet world with their great products. Google Search engine is something that is still unmatchable in the internet. When there is an announcement from Google, I personally feel happy because it gradually leads us towards new innovations.

During the month of December, we already received a notice from Google about shut-down of all Google+ APIs. This was really a great move. According to me, Google+ was unable to match the rapid growth of Twitter and Facebook. When they initially introduced it, people were really enthusiastic to use it but it gradually reduced. Now I’m able to hear a lot about Google Meet from many of my friends. So, I would say that it is really the right way to go. Some of the corporate companies have already started using G Suite instead of other collaboration tools. The main focus here is to make Hangouts Meet a good team collaboration tool.

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