Google Pay becomes the most comfortable payment platform

I have been using Google Pay for more than a year now. It was introduced in India, initially as Tez. When UPI method of payments was very popular in India, Tez was introduced. Though there was an exclusive government app already available for UPI payments, there were several drawbacks. Bhim was the application given by the government for UPI but it did not have many attractive features. Many other banks started introducing UPI based payment applications. When I first came to know about this feature, I started using PhonePe which was very comfortable for me. As a welcome bonus, PhonePe provided me Rs 100.

Later when Google introduced Tez app for the same purpose, it became quite popular. People started using Tez app more than PhonePe or any other UPI applications. The main reason was that they provided a welcome bonus which was credited directly into our bank accounts. The welcome bonus was something like 51 Rs for both the new user as well as the person who referred the new user. Because of this reason, many of my friends just like that introduced so many people and bagged lots of money.

The company then renamed the application as Google Pay. I really liked the name change. The only problem with the name change was that it was quite challenging to explain others about the application because they were initially used to the name Tez and the name change made them think that it is completely a new application.

Scratch Cards and Rewards

When a person is transferring money to another person, both the parties get a scratch card. There is a possibility that a person can win upto 1 lakh for transferring money to others. This is one of the main reason why people have started using Google pay more than any other payment option. Though there are such attractive features in other UPI apps, this cashback seems like a great deal for everyone. After linking many other UPI payment partners, the application has started providing good cashback to the users. Below is the reward that I personally received for recieving money from an office colleague.

I received a reward of Rs 704 when someone sent me 500 Rs. I never expected the reward amount would be this high. I have received rewards in the past but mostly it would be around 10 – 25 Rs maximum and I was surprised to see such a huge amount in the rewards. I did a good show off to all my friends. They were also really surprised to see such a huge amount. Two days back one of my office colleagues also received 500 Rs as a reward. One of my friend’s indirect friend in Kerala, India received 1,00,000 Rs as a reward from the scratch card. I think this is what is making people use this app more than any other UPI app.

Sending and Receiving money made easy

Today we are seeing so many advancements happening in this digital world. UPI payments is really a great option that the Indian government introduced. I’m really a big fan of this payment method because sending and receiving money has been made very simple and instant now. And with the support of these great applications, we are able to use this feature effectively. Hope one day even cryptocurrencies will see the same ease. Maybe if any regulation is introduced, Government will consider making cryptocurrency transactions legal. But it is definitely going to take some time. Let’s see.

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