Google’s first purchase of Renewable energy

In the past century we have depleted huge amount of natural non-renewable resources to solve the energy needs of the Humanity. Though we brought several innovations to use renewabel resources for power generation, it was quite challenging to switch to the alternatives completely. But today we are able to see drastic changes happening around us where many huge companies have already started to invest on renewable energy. This is really a great news for the plannet.

During our school days we would have read a lot about the advantages of using renewable energy but practical implementation of what we read was always challenging. Recently there were also research outcomes that reduced the costs of making solar panels. This can incline humanity more towards renewable energy.

Google Signed a deal

This tuesday the company announced that they have signed a new deal for 10 megawatt solar array with a company in Taiwan. This is going to be the first ever investment that Google has made on renewable energy. Of course there are signs everywhere for our transformation towards free energy and renewable energy, this is definitely a great step towards that. The project is going to operate from Tainan City located in Taiwan. The company also mentioned that it is going to be a long term project which also opens opportunity for signing of similar deals in the future as well.

There is a great possibility that many other companies will also look forward to investing more in clean energy projects after seeing this deal. This will incline humanity more towards renewable energy. Of course will not be able to completely eradicate the utilization of non-renewable resources, but this will definitely be very helpful in keeping the utilization to a very minimal quantity. If the non-renewable resources are depleted drastically, we might have a crisis when there is a necessity the price of a non-renewable resource can be really high.

Other companies joining the crew

This is not the first time a big company investing on clean projects. Many other famous companies have already provided statements on their future plan to move towards clean energy. Some of the companies that already gave statements about transformation towards clean energy are Facebook, Walmart India, Infosys, Microsoft, Amazon India etc. Some of these companies have already started doing investments and exploration on clean energy projects.

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