Health effects from night shift jobs

For the past few days, I have been staying late night in office. It is 11:30 Pm now when I’m starting to write this article and I’m still in office. I still have lots of work to complete for the day. The reason is not because I’m overloaded with lots of work, the reason is because I’m currently working on few interesting pet projects in my office apart from the regular work that I do for my job profile. I have to do justice to both, so I’m staying extra hours in the office to complete few tasks.

The main reason why I choose to stay for extra hours is because I’m all alone here in my bay without any disturbance. There is no one on the floor actually. It gives me real peace of mind to continue my interesting explorations. For the past few days, it was really innovative. I was able to learn so many things by staying for some extra hours. I’m really happy that I’m also able to implement whatever I learn extra. Not everyone likes to explore new things and learn new things but for me, if I don’t really learn anything new in a day, it kind of becomes an incomplete day for me.

Okay, I’m stopping right here and trying to focus on the topic that I wanted to write for the day. The reason why I wanted to write on this topic today was that for the past few days, as I’m staying late night in the office, I’m able to see some metabolic changes happening in my body. I would like to share few details on the same.

Health effects

The health effects are not really common for everyone. Some people might find it very comfortable to be nocturnal and some people might find it really disturbing. I’m someone who finds it really disturbing. I have shared this information several times in the past. Humans are not very great for being nocturnal. Our body metabolism is dependent on the sun and we stay active when Sun is available and rest when the Sun is not there. This is how generally our body works. Some people can argue with me disagreeing to what I’m saying but this is something that I personally feel.

This week continuously I have been staying late night in the office. Because of that I’m able to sense my body temperature getting disturbed. I have already started to see some symptoms where my lips have started to feel the dryness and I also see constipation issues in my body. Usually for me, if I do a night shift job, I find it really disturbing the next day even though I sleep whole day to compensate the sleep loss from last night. That is the main reason why I avoid being nocturnal.

During my college days, I used to stay awake during night almost every day and go to college to sleep. But later I found out that it was really affecting my body. I did not know it immediately but after a few years, I was able to see that staying awake during night time was really a bad idea for my body. Over the course of a few years, I have also seen many people saying the same thing to me after doing night shift jobs. In India, many companies offer off-shore support and that is the reason why we have so many companies having night shift jobs. People are also fond of doing night shift jobs because it gives them so much of monitory benefits.

Benefits can be really good but we might end up compensating our health for the benefits we get. For every human, good night sleep and a balanced diet is very important to stay healthy without any problems in our life. Our intentions may not be to live for complete 100 years but our intention should be to live the life without any diseases or health discomforts. That is the reason why I recommend people to avoid staying awake late at night. But I felt a little bad that I have been doing it for the past week. That is the reason why I wrote this article to say this to myself.

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