Hiring new member to the team is not fun at all

Two weeks back an associate from my team resigned his job for doing his higher studies. Because of that we are currently in the process of hiring a new associate to the team. We have been asked by the HR team to look for an associate internally. We did an internal job posting so that people from other teams can apply. As expected we received around 7 applications. I’m looking for a technical person with good analytical and logical skills.

To make the recruitment process easier, we decided to keep a test as first round and based on how they perform in the test, we thought we can interview them. Preparing questions for the test was quite challenging. I had to think for simple logical question that will test their analytical skills as well. I’m not looking for a hard core developer but I want them to incline more towards development. As part of the first round I also asked them few technical questions as well. But they were given freedom to write answers in simple English. My focus was not to corner them but to understand their capabilities.

So after the written test, I evaluated the papers and only 2 associates among the 6 who appeared for the test were able to clear the test. The associates were from a support background so only 2 out of 7 were able to clear the test. But the associates that we have shortlisted have some issues. One person is in a high salary band and another person is having behavioral issues. We are in the state of confusion now. One guy looks technically strong but very tough to handle and handling him had been a very big challenge for people managers.

We can also get an associate or even a graduate from outside. I’m happy to even onboard a fresher. But the problem is that I will have to spoon-feed everything from the beginning. It can even take more than 4 months to onboard a new employee from outside and that is also one of the reasons why we are focusing on getting someone from inside itself. This has been a headache for both myself and my manager for the past few days. We have been having continuous meetings to make a decision on this. We still have no idea when this will end.

From all the above, I don’t find recruitment to be really an amazing thing. I guess all the people managers will have to go through this phase to hire an efficient candidate for the team. Have you been though similar situations in your job? If yes share your experiences in the comments section.

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