How to increase rewards from SteemHunt?

SteemHunt is a platform where people on the internet can find cool products. It is one of the best DApps on top of Steem blockchain to promote finding cool products and curate the hunters who hunt cool products. In order to become a good contributor on SteemHunt platform, it is mandatory that one should read the guidelines and make hunts that align with the guidelines of the community. If the hunts are not in line with the guidelines, it will be rejected or disapproved. Only the approved hunts will be eligible for a curation upvote from the SteemHunt community.

The first thing about progressing on SteemHunt is reading the guidelines and following the guidelines, the next thing is to make sure you make quality hunts and get your hunt approved. After the hunt is approved, the hunt should be available among the top 100 daily hunts. If the hunt is among the top 100 daily hunts, then it will be eligible for a reward which varies from person to person based on their user score.

Purchase Hunt Tokens

Purchasing hunt tokens from the market is a good option by the way to increase the earnings. The reasons are because the user score is calculated based on the hunt tokens holding of a person. The user score will obviously be very low if the person is having very less Hunt Tokens. I have heard from some of my friends that hunt tokens used to be abundant at one point in time where people used to get lots of hunt tokens as rewards. But today when I try to get rewards in the form of Hunt tokens, it is not very great. Later, I realized that purchasing hunt tokens can be a good boost for me and I managed to purchase around 1600 where I paid 8.7$ worth STEEM for 1000 Hunt tokens.

The way the hunt platform is getting popularity, I guess it will definitely be a great deal to hold some hunt tokens for the future. I cannot say anything for sure for now but I would like to say that Hunt tokens can see a good value in the future if things go very well. We cannot completely predict the future of Hunt tokens just because the value is dipping day by day. Today the same 1000 Hunt tokens that I purchased few days back is now around 5.7$. I would not say that I’m at a loss but I appreciate the fact that the price is fluctuating. For any market price fluctuation is definitely a great thing.

Increase Engagement

Any community needs good engagement. People find the community healthy only based on good engagement. There are some guidelines specified by SteemHunt community. If you can manage to do a healthy engagement with the community members in the form of upvotes and comments, then it will also increase the popularity. I’m not very great in engagement because I hardly visit SteemHunt discord channel as I don’t find enough time to chat there. At the same time, my engagement on other hunts is also not very great. I have heard that some of my friends upvote and support a minimum of 10 good hunts. I have not reached there yet.


I do find some time to engage with the community by glancing the hunts of the day. If I find some hunt that is fascinating to my eyes, I go for it and upvote the hunt and comment on then. I have to be honest with you that I was able to get some cool products and tools for my day to day development activity by doing this community engagement. When I glance through the hunts, I found few tools and templates which I have been using on my development projects. SteemHunt platform personally helped me a lot in finding good products for my needs.

Maintain good User Score

Next important thing for every user is to have a good user score. There are some guidelines and rules to use SteemHunt community. Though there are some posting guidelines available there are also other guidelines available that a user should adhere to safeguard their user score. The user score of a person is calculated based on various parameters. One of the important parameters is community engagement. I have discussed in detail about community engagement in the previous paragraph. When they say about community engagement, SteemHunt expects organic community engagement. People should not be doing a vote for vote thing and spam comments on other hunts.

Good user score is important to get a decent vote value from the SteemHunt curation. If we are lucky, we will also be able to get votes on some of our comments as well. Just following all the guidelines, keeping the platform free from spams, organic engagement with the community members, maintaining a good volume of hunt tokens in our wallet can all contribute towards a good User score. The user score also keeps changing every day based on our engagement with the community. The more organic engagement we do, the more probability for an increase in User score.

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