How to make use of technology for marketing?

Today I was reading some online sources and listened to some interesting videos about passive income. Passive income is a quite an interesting topic for everyone. Who will not be happy if they get a passive income? I will be more than happy to get a passive income and focus on things that I really like the most instead of doing something that doesn’t even interest me. Today with the technology that we have on hand, we are able to do lots of wonderful things. Marketing is an interesting field where people convince other people and make the buy products. With proper marketing, a person can literally sell anything to someone. It is all based on how convincing the conversation is. Most of the people who get attracted by a product or service obviously want enough information about the product and service. There are lots of strategies to do marketing. But with the help of technologies, the real necessity of having a dedicated person talking or describing the product has now gone.

The emergence of virtual retail stores

In the future, there may not be a concept of physical stores. All the physical stores are now being converted to online retail stores. The task a human was doing is not the case anymore. Everything is being replaced by bots and robots. Though it is one of the fascinating things to enjoy about, it is quite saddening that most of the people are also losing their jobs. Big marketing experts are also replaced by bots and self-explanatory projections. For example, once upon a time, there used to be lots of retail stores in and around the area. In each retail stores, there will be a dedicated salesman explaining the product and convincing the customers to buy the product. This situation is being replaced gradually by virtual retail stores.

There are many websites being developed which acts as a retail store capable of explaining a customer about all the specific aspects of a particular product. There will not be any necessity for a marketing manager or salesperson to explain and convince the customers. It will automatically happen. Though a physical presence of a salesperson cannot be replaced, these online stores operate in a different pattern. Though there can be cases where the customers might have some questions, there are online support agents available who can answer the question. These online support agents are also going to be replaced by bots in the near future where answers for some basic questions and FAQs will be answered by bot itself. In a way, it is very interesting to see such technological advancements.

Automation everywhere

The whole world is now moving towards the concept of automation. Even in corporate companies and other companies, we are able to see lots of opportunities for automation. Most of the works that were done by humans are now being done by bots and robots. It is not just that people are losing jobs but we cannot be completely sure to what extent we can rely on these automated bots. The companies that work on these bots should be cautious about using bots of the right things. In today’s world as we see lots of automation everywhere the scope for marketing is also based on the process being automated. If we have a proper structure planned and if we let out automation bot do the job for us, we will be able to easily enjoy the passive income. A simple example here is setting up a retail website. There is an effort to set up the website and bring traffic to the website. Once the customers are on the website, a good content and explanation on the website are enough to do the sales. There is no necessity for any physical person trying to sell the product. It will automatically happen without any further efforts. It will also start to generate passive income for you.

We can take book publishing as another example. If you are planning to get someone to write a book for you or you take some efforts to write a book and publish it on websites like Amazon, your job is done. You will not be adding any further efforts on this activity. Instead, Amazon will act as a bot and automatically do the marketing and sales for you. People who visit the website will purchase your book if they find the book interesting. This is how digital marketing works.

Digital marketing

For the past few years, digital marketing is seeing lots of scope in the internet industry. In another few years, the need for physical marketing will drastically reduce. People will not need someone stand in a shop physically explaining about the product. Though it will be required here and there, in most of the places digital marketing will play a vital role in popularizing contents from the website. There are many digital marketing tools available that can make the work easier by providing lots of opportunities to automatically familiarize your product or services to the general public. If a person who is browsing about shoes will simply get attracted by the t-shirt advertisement and end up getting a t-shirt along with shoes. This is how digital marketing is ruling the internet world.

People can start exploring various opportunities to do marketing. Every individual is now having a smartphone. Even in the future, the use of smartphones is going to drastically increase. It is always good to do marketing to the people with the help of these emerging technologies. People are nowadays not ready to listen to just sales executives. With the availability of the internet, people find their own ways to read reviews about a particular product from online sources. This makes it an effective utilization of technology before purchasing what they need. There are both pros as well as cons in such technological advancements. It is in our hands to use technology more towards positive inclination.

What do you think about the future of technology and marketing? Share your views in the comments section.

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