How to Take Care of Your Human Hair Wig?

Human hair wig can be the costlier pick, yet they last longer than synthetic hairs. Wigs made of human hair can last up to 3 years. It looks so natural and shiny and the craftsmanship that isn’t effectively seen in wigs made with artificial hair. These wigs can change your whole look by adding length and style to your personality. Many celebrities and tars use them to get attractive looks in just a day. Human hair wigs are very much like your own hair, yet they require a specific measure of care. So you better figure out how to keep up with them!

Important Things to Keep in Mind For Hair Wig Longevity

To maintain the freshness and shine of your wig, you must take care of your wig just as you do for your hair. Here are a few instructions to keep your wig last longer.

Brush Your Wig Properly!

Ensure that you are delicate with brushing your wig and that you brush them appropriately as this can likewise influence their life. In the first place, assemble all the hair in multiple portions and then brush each of the strands delicately. Never brush the wig when it is wet as this is the point at which it is the most vulnerable to breakage. Brush it before washing or when it is almost dry.

Choose Suitable Type of Brush for Your Wig

The best idea for brushing a human hair wig is to use a wide-tooth brush, wooden brush, or a delicate fiber brush. Hairbrushes with wide braces are easy to comb through the hair and it also eases any knot. These brushes won’t cause pulling, catching, or harm to your hair strands, which another customary hairbrush can cause.

Careful Selection of Shampoos

Sulfates are the cleansers that make froth in the shampoo. Sulfur compounds if present in the shampoo can dry out the regular oils of your hair that cause brittleness in hair. Your scalp is continually making natural oils, which your wig will not get. That’s why using a sulfur-based shampoo can severely dry your wig. They can make split ends making them look dry and fuzzy over the long run.

The Most Effective Method to Maintain the Hair Wig Colour

Very much like natural hair, the wig made with human hair will get dull with time. With extensive usage, the wig hair will lose color and shine making it look brittle and unattractive.

The first and the main step is to brush your wig before washing it and just once the hair is almost dry. Doing this can reduce the chance of breakage and dullness during the washing. Continuously be delicate when brushing your wig and make certain to brush them before and after each time you wear it.

Additionally, the more hair care products you use for your wig, the more you would wash your wig, so the most ideal way is to reduce the number of products you use on the hair.


Human hair wigs are becoming common as well as affordable these days. Just remember that wigs made with natural hair are just like your normal hair. Follow your routine hair care for the wig! That’s it. With a little care, you can wear your favorite wig for longer if you follow the tips given in this article.