How to Tighten the Roll Up Door Springs

Roll up doors are a great way to make use of space, but they can be difficult to operate if they are not properly maintained. If you have a roll up door that is not rolling up and down smoothly, it may be time to tighten the springs. Here are some tips on how to tighten your mini storage door springs:

Open the Roll Up Door Fully

The first step is opening the door fully so that you can see what kind of shape the spring is in. This will help you figure out exactly where you need to adjust it in order to get the right amount of tension. In most cases, this means adjusting both sides equally so that there aren’t any creaks or bends in either side of the spring itself.

Secure the Door in Place

Keep in mind that there is a lot of weight on these springs, so you want to make sure they are secure before doing any type of maintenance or adjustments. You can use blocks or something similar to keep the door from swinging back down while working on it.

Remove the Springs

You can use a screwdriver or wrench to loosen up the spring from its anchor point on top of your garage door opener. Then slowly remove it from its position by pulling upward slowly and evenly until it comes free from its anchor point. Once you have removed one spring, do the same thing with its partner spring so that both are removed from their anchor points simultaneously.

Clean the Springs

Once they are removed from their housings, you will want to clean off any dirt or grime that might be present on them before proceeding with tightening them up again. This will ensure that they don’t collect any more dirt while being reinstalled into their housings later on in this process.

Check for Bends or Creak Marks

The first step in learning how to tighten the roll up door springs is checking for bends or creak marks along the length of the spring. If there are any bends or creak marks, then you will need to replace this section of your spring with a new one.

Adjust the Tension of the Spring

You can adjust the tension of your springs using a screwdriver and turning bolt located near where both sides of your garage door meet up at the top of your door frame. There will be a small notch where you can turn this bolt with your fingers until you get the desired tension level in your spring system. Make sure that both sides are equal when adjusting them so that they operate smoothly together once again after tightening them up again.

Adjust the Cable Tension

Cables are used in many roll-up doors instead of traditional hinges and pulleys because they allow for greater flexibility in how high or low the door can go based on where the operator is located and how much weight it needs to support at any given time. Cables can be adjusted by loosening or tightening them as needed according to their placement on each side of your door’s frame Spring

Test Your Roll Up Door After Adjusting Tension

After adjusting the tension of your roll up door, ensure that everything is working properly by testing it out before leaving for work or going out for an evening with friends. If you notice any problems with your roll up door not staying open, then you will need to adjust the tension again until it works properly again.


Much of the burden falls on the consumer to check that the springs are working. This is one job you should be happy to have. It will save you (both financially and physically) from a heavy door, or worse yet, a dangerous door. Check your door springs regularly!