Hustle Castle – Game progress

For the past few weeks I have been playing this game on my phone. I wrote an article on this game few weeks back explaining how I started playing this game and how the gameplay was. I have to admit that it is not usual like all other similar games I have played so far. Usually I don’t last more than a week on games that gives me similar user experience. If the concepts in the game is repetitive and make me do the same thing again and again, I hate playing the game and it really makes me sick. Though this game has lots of such aspects in the game, it still made me play the game for several weeks.

I have reached level 22 already in the game. One good thing about this game is that you don’t really have to spend so much of time on the game. You have enough time to wait for the buildings to upgrade so that you can stay away from the game for a while without any great impact. I have stayed away from the game for days together but still my game progress will not be slowed down or lost. That’s what I noticed about this game. The game featured few offers and interesting things for the Lunar new year. The tasks were very interesting and highly rewarding. I was able to progress faster in the game with the help of the rewards that I received during the lunar new year.

The main thing that I admired about the game was the graphics. Though it had simple graphics, it was really interesting and attractive. During the lunar event, there were new tasks and two people waiting near my castle to reward me if I complete the tasks. It was very nice. Based on the fights I complete, I get chests and rewards. During the lunar event, I also got a chance to win a Premium pass for a few days. That gave me access to lots of resources and premium parts of the game. This made my progress in the game really fast.

So it gets boring after a point in time

It is true that every game is interesting only for few days or even for few weeks. After a point in time, the game becomes less interesting. Previously I used to login to the game multiple times a day but for the past few days, I feel so boring to login to this game as I don’t see any big progression in the game. For the past few days this Durg War fever is also hitting me real hard. When the game was introduced the first few two days went on exploring about the game and finding bugs in the game.

As I’m a free gamer in Drug wars, I don’t really spend more time on the game yet. Maybe only after few days of accumulation of drugs and other items, I will be able to upgrade my buildings and progress in the game. Until then, I think I will have to wait for few more days for the resource to get produced. Meanwhile, I also think that it is ideal to find some other game to make my life more interesting.

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