Importance of building good contacts

Today morning I read an interesting article about how people become successful in their life and what steps they follow to be able to become successful. It was an interesting read. After reading that article, I really wanted to share my thoughts on this topic. The article talked about the importance of having many good contacts. Humans are social beings, we live with a great dependency on other living beings on the planet and especially with a great dependency on other human beings on the planet.

Being a social living being on the planet, it is important to have some nice contacts or friends. There are different types of friendships a person can get in their life but when it comes to learning in life, some important contacts are highly essential. The article talked about a quote that explains the importance of contacts.

If you want to be successful in life, get to know more people who are already successful in life.


The above quote was awesome and it made me realize so many things. First of all, when we say that we should get to know more people, it is not necessary that we have to be a personal friend to someone who is a big shot or a highly successful person in life. The simple thing is to just know more about the person. If the person is a famous personality, we can easily get articles, books or even biography of the person online or from other sources. It is good to read more about them and that is one way of getting close to even strangers. If you want to become like Steve Jobs, we can take some principles and ideologies from his life and try to follow it to become successful.

Building good contacts

This is all about getting to know more people for real and sharing experiences. Social networking helps in this aspect. After the introduction of the internet and social networking, knowledge keeps increasing for people. There are so many opportunities available online where we can easily get some good friends. Increasing the help of the contact in providing opportunities to get the knowledge we are searching for. It is always better to learn things from others instead of starting anything from scratch.


Social interaction is the first important thing that helps in building good contacts. As I started this article by saying that we are all social beings, it is important to have someone when we need help. The good contacts not only help us when we are in trouble but they also help us learn things faster than we usually learn by ourselves. Especially people who are well experienced in a particular stream are always very helpful when it comes to knowledge sharing. That’s why it is always good to have contacts in different streams. It makes interactions easier for us.

From my personal experience, I would say that we can learn things faster only by sharing experiences from others. If we sit and try to self learn everything, we may not be very successful. Self-learning is important to some extent to stay unique but that is not the ultimate thing. Most of the learning should come only from the contacts we build. That’s why it is important to build good contacts.

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