Importance of cleansing our body

Cleaning your body is not mainly on the external part of the body alone. We all take bath regularly to clean our external body. But we may not care about cleaning the internal organs of our body as well. We have to understand how important it is to clean our internal body as well. That need not be a regular thing for everyone but it is definitely mandatory to take an effort to clean our internal organs as well for a healthy life. By cleansing our body, we will be able to get out the toxins from our body which really helps in staying fit and healthy.

Ayurveda mainly focuses on prevention than cure. Most of the natural medicine works that way and that is the reason why you will be able to see lots of preventive methods in natural medicine. Our day to day activities will need some regulations to make sure we don’t end up with any infection or diseases. This is focused as a preventive measure because we will not end up breaking our head after we get caught by some health issues. I saw an amazing video in the youtube discussing the importance of cleansing your body and removing toxins from our body.–HU

Toxin removal

I used to go for Ayurveda classes a few years back. My master used to say this repeatedly that any natural medicine will work only if our body is free from toxins. If we have so many toxins in the body, the medication that we take will not work as expected. He told me that the first step in the treatment of some specific diseases is to first remove toxins from the body. It is quite obvious that we will be accumulating lots of toxins in our body because of the food habits that we have and our hectic lifestyle. If no proper food intake and with sleeplessness, we will be able to easily accumulate lots of toxins in our body.

The above video talks a lot about the removal of toxins from our body. Some of the steps and methods discussed in the video may not be very easy for us. But if we bring a practice we will be able to easily take out all the toxins from our body. Ayurveda specifies different methods to remove toxins from our body. One important method is fasting. I will try to write a separate article about the importance of fasting alone.

Different methods for cleansing our body

There are several methods in which we can detoxify our body and some methods can even vary from person to person based on the necessity and requirement. Fasting is globally accepted as a great method in which our body can easily heal by itself and remove toxins. There are some healing capabilities in our body that are used wisely when a person is in a fasting state. Few other methods used for cleansing our body include:

  • Specific exercises
  • Control over food intake
  • Methods that will clean stomach and intestines
  • Using plant extracts
  • Using Enema Kit

Some of the above methods needs lots of dedication and continuous efforts. We many be able to easily get results by using these methods for a very short period of time. Some people even expect results after following one of the methods from above for just one day. It may not be practically right thing to expect.

Outcome of cleansing

Cleansing our body gives great outcome. We will be able to increase the immunity of the body and all our healing capabilities can now focus on some productive activities instead of working really hard on detoxification of the body. If we are doing cleansing activity, we should also make sure the activity is done regularly to maintain a good health. If we are planning to reduce weight or gain weight using natural methods, cleansing our body and trying out natural methods really helps.

Apart from everything, if we keep our body clean, we will get a great feeling and relief from health difficulties. Not only our healing power will greatly improve, but we will also be able to see few interesting things like skin glow, enhanced healing capabilities, good digestion power etc in our body as an outcome of cleansing. Our body is also connected to the mind and the outcome will also be reflected in our thoughts as well. A healthy body gives us healthy mind and a healthy mind will give us happiness in our life.

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