Importance of holding Steem Hunt tokens

Steem Hunt tokens are the tokens that you receive from Steem Hunt platform for some of your activities there. I’m not going to go into the details on how you can get Hunt tokens. Maybe I’ll try to write a post on that topic later, but in this article, I would like to mention how important it is to hold Steem Hunt tokens. When the Steem Hunt platform was launched, it came up with unique ideas to distribute hunt tokens to the users and also provided some good ways for the members to earn some Hunt tokens. When it started initially, the early members had lots of opportunities to get some good amount of Steem hunt tokens from the platform.

Today we are able to hear some stories from the old members on how they used to get lots of tokens for Shuffle and from their post-payout as well. I still feel that I was not part of the platform during those days. But I would say it is never too late and for the past few months, I have been comfortable using Steem Hunt platform and well placed in contributing contents to the platform. Coming back to the topic, it is definitely important to hold steem Hunt tokens. I will cover a few topics that will explain its importance.

User score

User score is an important thing for which Steem Hunt tokes is essential. The calculation is based on the user contribution and the Steem Hunt stake a person is holding. That is the reason why people with high Steem Hunt stake will have a better user score. You will be able to read and understand the user score calculation from the below screenshot. The details are also available in Steem Hunt website as well.

The engagement in the community makes your score better. You can comment on good hunts and vote other good hunts. But at the same time vote for vote will spoil the user score. There are guidelines available which will provide more details on this topic.

Other use of Steem Hunt tokens

Recently I bought some good amount of Hunt tokens to invest in this platform. One reason was to become a Hunt stakeholder and another reason was pretty obvious that I wanted to increase my User score. As Hunt tokens are one of the important criteria in the user score, I bought some tokens from @akomoajong and @aamirijaz to increase my user score. While doing the purchase, something that I noticed was that I spent 8$ for 1000 tokens when I bought it initially and after a months time when I bought same 1000 tokens from @aamirijaz, I noticed that the price was 10$. Though there is a fluctuation in the price in the market, it is definitely gaining some value.

Unlike other platforms, the token distribution by Steem Hunt team is not very generous. Though during the initial days every early adopter received a good amount of tokens, today it is really hard to grab some tokens from the platform unless you boost your post where your STU will be converted to Hunt tokens. To be honest it is not a great deal but if you are in dire need for Steem Hunt tokens, you can go for that option. I personally feel that because of the restriction in getting more and more hunt tokens, I feel that the value of Steem Hunt token will definitely raise. Let’s see how it goes in the future.

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