India digging its own grave in terms of technological growth

Blockchain is a technology rapidly growing all over the world. It has always been the talk of the town for the past few years. When Bitcoin had a tremendous growth last year, it has now become very famous among everyone. Even people in the village have now started to talk about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As we all know, blockchain is not just about cryptocurrencies and trading them. Beyond all that it is a reward based technology based on which our future is going to exist. When cloud computing was introduced people were not very happy. Many companies had several questions about security issues and many such things. But ultimately when the whole world started moving towards cloud computing, the companies had to gradually adapt to that technology. And at the same time, there were also additional advancements happening in the field of cloud computing. It is still rocking the world with so many great features making things easier for the governments as well as private bodies.

Whats wrong with Indian Government?

The education system in India is very poor. We still follow a failed education model where most of the education happening in our young age is not adding any value to our future or job or even life for that matter. In schools and colleges, the information that is being thought is also kind of outdated information. There are no proper updates happening in the school and college education. In the name of history and science, the students are also misguided with false and wrong information. No steps are being taken to change this. We are just learning technologies introduced 20 years before which are not going to add any value to an engineer who completes his education.

The government is also not regretting it. They are fully focusing on destroying natural resources and bringing foreign investments. With this type of education system, none of the engineers manages to get a good job or project their skills properly. The government just showcases lots of innovative investments happening in India but all these investments are not adding proper value to the people of India just because the education system is poor.

Some of the state governments in India have now started to explore and implement blockchain technology. It is definitely going to take several years for them to explore what it is all about. The reason being, the explorers are from this useless educational background. They just try to read some articles online and completely jump into a conclusion saying that the technology is a threat for the country. The other advanced countries will continue to advance exploring more on that but India will impose all bans and send people to other countries to work for them.

The main reason for brain drain is because the IIT guys and IIM guys don’t have a proper opportunity in the country. Even if there are proper opportunities there is no option for growth. The government is imposing lots of rules making the people go out of the country and live in a more sophisticated environment.

Blockchain developers are running abroad

For the past few years, there have been lots of blockchain developers emerging out in India. Just because we currently don’t have a proper regulation to support blockchain projects, people are going outside India to other developed nations which welcome the Indian brain. Though we see lots of potential in the blockchain technology the government and RBI still don’t consider it to be a legal tender. Without becoming a legal tender the blockchain developers will not be able to enjoy the fruit from their developments. Most of the rewards that people receive from blockchain platforms are in the form of cryptocurrencies. If the government is not going to provide an option to convert the coins into INR, India will have to lose even more blockchain enthusiast in the country. People have started to move to other countries that support cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

India should definitely find a way to retain all the great minds inside the country. Though opportunities are wide open in other countries, there should a reason available for people to stay here after their education. People either go abroad for higher education or to work there. By doing this they may not add any value to the growth of the country. Without any great minds, India will definitely not find its place in the list of developed countries. I’m not just trying to spread negativity here but if we think deeply, it will be the case in another few years if the situation continues. Also, there is no harm in going abroad and studying or working. But it is really bad in a Government’s perspective because they are failing to retain great minds here inside the country.

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