Introducing interesting vocational courses in Indian schools

Having associations with our school is really a great thing. Even if we complete our education and grow up the ladder, school memories stay concrete in our mind. I’m someone who always feel precious about my school because all the values and learning that I have in my life now is because of my schooling. Even after around 13 years, I’m still associated with my school and do activities for my school. I buddy with other alumni students of the school and conduct events regularly.

Today I got a chance to visit my school to discuss one of the activities that I’m going to organize in the near future. It was an interesting chat with my school principal. That had been lots of changes in my school for the past 13 years but fortunately, I know the current principal very well because she used to take classes for me during my 6th and 7th standard.

I was discussing lots of topics with her and one of the topic that came during the discussion was the introduction of interesting subjects to the students as vocational courses. The actual discussion with her was all about these vocational courses only. I actually admired by the way these vocational courses are given to the students now. Though we get a chance to study a lot during our school days and college days, the practical implementation of what we studied is something that is very less.

Though we learn a wide range of subjects, we practically make use of very few things from that. To be honest, I have not used Differential Calculus and Integral calculus in my life practically so far after studying it in my 11th standard. I don’t think I will ever be using it throughout my life. The same applies to so many concepts on which I spent all my energy learning.

Vocational Courses

Today when we were discussing the vocational courses, I had a look at the syllabus, I was quite glad to take a look at one of the subjects called “Web Development”. After seeing the syllabus, I was really happy because all the practical things that I implement and use today in my life is part of the syllabus. Any child who is studying the course will be able to do some practical web development if they are really sincere. Today basics of web development is something that is gaining more attention. Every individual is now gaining computer knowledge and mobile knowledge from a very young age. So more than being an option, it becomes a necessity to everyone.

Not just web development but all the vocational courses that were offered as a subject to the students had great value on it. I was able to understand how they would be using it practically in the future. I guess this is one good reason why some of the foreign schools and institutions top in education. They give focus more to what a kid requires than dumping all types of knowledge on kids. If we understand what skill works well for a child, it will be wiser to train them on that particular skill. But in order to identify which works well for a kid, it becomes mandatory to first showcase the available options. This was something limited when I was studying.

When I was studying my intention was to become a doctor by taking biology group. I was a decent scoring student but not a great student in scoring marks. I was good in all extracurricular activities but was someone who showed less interest in studying and vomiting in exams. But one thing that used to feel always is that, if I had known about the availability of Siddha and Ayurveda courses, I would have definitely gone for it. In spite of taking biology group, I ended up becoming a computer science engineer. But of course I do love what I’m doing right now and it amuses me but for someone who struggles in their normal subjects, vocational courses can really be a helping hand for them.

Vocational courses are something that have always been there in many schools even during the days I was in school. But the thing that really admired me is the practical courses available now as part of vocational studies and the schools are really enthusiastic to adopt it.

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