Invest on your strengths

Today I watched an interesting video that insisted on the importance of investing in your strengths. Every single human being here in this world will definitely have both strengths as well as weakness. We usually try hard to convert our weaknesses into strengths. We keep analysis and focusing more on our weaknesses to understand what actions we need to take to make a strength. But ideally, it will not work that way. Most of the successful people in the world had their focus more on their strengths instead of weakness.

Identify your strengths

Compared to identifying weakness, identifying strengths is something very easy. People might find it very comfortable to analyse their strengths. When it comes to weakness, they will find it hard to first accept their weakness. Their mind will keep on defending that they really don’t have that particular weakness and if at all they had something it was completely situational. Considering all these problems, identifying your strengths is a piece of cake. It is quite easy to list out your strengths. You will also be able to easily list out how skilful you are in each of your strengths.

Time is so precious for every one of us. If we invest our time on something that we are not sure about, we end up wasting lots of time on that. At the same time, if we invest our time on something that we are already good at and where we are already sure about the path, but no time to proceed, we will be able to make some really good progress. Identifying your skills and strengths plays a vital role in that. Only when you identify your strengths, you will be able to analyse how good you are at that particular strength and what future plans you have towards the path of success.

Leaders invest in their strengths

It is becoming quite easy to invest in something that you are already sure about. If you had made a self-analysis, you would already know what steps you will have to take to sustain and improve your strengths. It is always good to focus on something that is completely clear for you instead of something that is not at all your skill. Only during dire necessity, you will have to focus on your weakness and convert them to strengths. Every individual need not necessarily identify all their weakness and try to convert them into strengths. If the focus is provided more on the strengths, the weakness will automatically fade away. That is how nature works.

If we take many great leaders as a good example, we will be able to see that they all focused on their strengths and what they are good at. They tried to add more skills to their strengths to be successful in their life. The area of interest also differs from your strengths. You might have diversified area of interest but you may not be strong on every area of interest. It will be ideal if you identify the right area where you are very strong and make it even stronger, you will surely be very successful in life.

If you are very good at something and you really want to do something out of your passion, you should not procrastinate that thought. If you really think you are very strong in that particular thing, you have to explore further to make it even stronger. Procrastination will create laziness and laziness will ultimately make you do nothing about your strengths.

80 to 100 percent of successful leaders in the world invest 80 – 100 % of their time and energy on their strengths and in most of the cases the time and energy invested on their weakness is 0 % or less than 10 %. If you invest more time in something you are already good at, you will be able to easily excel in that. If you invest your time in something that you are average or below average, the results that you get from it will also be average or below average.

Next time when you think about investing your time and energy on something, remember the above and make wise decisions.

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